bachlorette party ideas

mrs.mickiSeptember 6, 2006

Hi folks, was wondering does anyone have any ideas for a bachlorette party? So far we are doing wine and fondues of different kinds. Any games that you would play? God I feel like an old lady, guess it's because it's my DD's. Worst part about it is I'm only 39 . We have decided to have a naughty party demo, well not me the bridesmaids did that part. Just trying to figure out some other thing also. Any help is good help. Thanks Micki

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are you going to be at the bachelorette party? I wouldn't want to be, as the MOB!

Otherwise, i'm no help. I don't like bachelorette parties in general, at least not the risque ones.

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i was at the first part of dd2's. it was at a comedy club. then mom and i went home, lol...

dd2 for dil did a jeopardy-type game...

dil-to-be is doing a baseball game(?) and then, i presume, bars?? this one i havn't been invited to, lol...thank goodness!

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My DD and her friends do destination bachelorettes. Many of the gals do Las Vegas. One did Napa. DD did one in early spring in Palm Springs at a gorgeous hotel with a super pretty pool, and they all appreciated the fun and early start on their tans.

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