double- versus single-hung

tabbaldwinFebruary 15, 2010

We're about to start our new house and need to select windows. How much money can I save, one type over the other? I'd rather put the money into more energy efficient. Perhaps double-hung on the 2-story windows for easier cleaning?

Any thoughts for me? Anyone gone with single-hung and wishes they'd chosen differently?


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There is not a huge delta in pricing. DH are slightly more expensive but they are more functional for most people (cleaning and ventilation).

If you get a Double hung that is airtight, the single hung will not provide much of an increase in performance at all.

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+1 on WoW's comments.

I would also add that if the glass would break on the top sash of a double hung, it is much easier to replace than the fixed sash on a single hung

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Also as an added note you did not mention if you were planning in using Wood or Vinyl. In wood units single hungs are actually a slight bit higher in price than a double hung because they are modifying a double hung to make it a single hung where as vinyl units are approx 10 - 15% cheaper.

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Thanks for the replies.

I don't think I'd use the top ventilation if I have wood or woven blinds hung on them. Cleaning, though is a thought, especially on the top floor. We go to pick windows on Thursday.


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