October wedding ideas?

mblake00September 28, 2006

we are getting married at the end of october and were planning on going to new york for our honeymoon, but my dad is starting to get a little nervous about the idea of two young kids from arkansas getting lost in new york. so any ideas on where we should go? my fiancee has always wanted to go to the new england states and we live in arkansas so we would like to go somewhere cooler.

Thanks you so much


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New England in October is gorgeous. Consider a few days in Maine or New Hampshire and a couple of days in Boston, too -- what a great city.

But don't be scared of New York -- it's actually a very easy city to get around (a lot easier than Boston -- believe me; I've lived in both). A week or even a few days in New York is a great vacation, and not even as expensive as you might think if you do mostly the many free/cheap things there are to do there and learn tricks like getting last-minute tickets and planning your visit to a special, fancy restaurant for lunch or dessert instead of dinner.

Have fun!

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Whatever you plan to do, just make sure your dad has lots of information about what your plans are, and he will worry less.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and I hope you have a lovely honeymoon.

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You might consider going to a local travel agent. That way you can talk face to face with someone who has the reasorces for lots of ideas. In theory, they can really listen to what your wants and needs are and help you plan a really great trip. And you and your dad will get a bit of peace of mind with having a local person who can really understand "two young kids from arkansas getting lost in new york."

New England in the fall can be beautiful. The end of October will be past the colorful leaves in northern New England. The Conneticut DEP says their's is usually between October 20-25.

Do you plan to drive, fly, bus or take a train to your honeymoon destination? The best places to go might be a bit different depending upon how you plan to get there.

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I may be off base but I thought the height of fall colors in New England was in early October. That's when I visited one year and it was gorgeous. But I'm wondering if it's all over by the end of the month.

I think NYC is a wonderful place to go and so easy to get around. Transportation is so readily available and there is so much to do! Go buy a current guidebook for New York and make all your plans from the book. I would stay at a hotel in midtown Manhattan, so you can walk a lot of places. Subways are really easy to maneuver and with the way the city is laid out in a grid, it's really easy to figure out how to get places.

There's Broadway (and half price day of performance tickets available at the TKTS booth in Times Square - don't be intimidated by a long line, it moves fast); Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island; Chrysler building and Empire State Building; Greenwich Village; Chinatown; Central Park; the Brooklyn Bridge -- just to name a few attractions!

The people in New York are friendly and helpful. There's really nothing to be scared of. By the way, I live in Houston, but have enjoyed a few visits to New York and I highly recommend it.

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The color in New England will be mostly over by the end of October. Peak in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine is usually early October, and peak farther south is around the middle of the month.

I agree with the other posters - if you want to go to New York, don't get scared off just because it's big. Do some research, decide what you want to see and how to get there. I can remember getting lost in New York, and one of the best things is that you can nearly always find a taxi and get back to your hotel easily.

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you're old enough to get married, but not old enough to come to NYC?

How old are you anyway? I grew up in SMALL TOWN Iowa, and I moved here at the age of 23. Unless you're 17 or something,

You won't get THAT lost, and us NYers will be glad to help some kids from Arkansas figure out they're going the wrong way. Heck, we even volunteer assistance to people who haven't even asked yet; they just look confused and have a subway map in their hands.

It's not a big, bad, dangerous city (esp. not before 1am, and not if you're sober--the last two horror stories happened to people who were stumbling drunk and alone). Crime is down, way down. And it's not that easy to get lost, either, actually.

The island of Manhattan is only 13 square miles, and the streets are numbered, mostly. All the streets are labeled; the subways are labeled.

I like the Michelin Green Guide; it has great info about the city's history, and neat "walking tours" that help you see neighborhoods on a smaller scale (and maps of those smaller streets). I always keep a current copy in my home, for if visitors come.

How long will you have? Figure you'll only really get to see 2 big things each day, and then make a list of what it is you most want to see. What would you be bummed to miss? Everybody has something different on that list (for my Mom is was the Plaza Hotel; for me, the House on East 88th Street where Lyle the crocodile lived; for many people it's the classics like Empire State Bldg, etc.)

What might set your dad at ease is if you had the phone number of someone you could call if you DID get lost. In that regard, staying at a hotel w/ a 24-hour concierge might set his mind at ease; you could call and say, "which direction should I go?" or "would you send a cab to pick us up?"

The thing is, here is the only dangerous way you could get lost: if you get on the wrong subway train going the wrong direction, and don't realize it in time, and end up way out in the Bronx or Brooklyn. But honestly, I've seen this happen time and time again--some NYer will say, "where are you trying to go?" (and if this does happen to you, don't leave the subway system; ask someone for directions how to catch a train going back the opposite direction)

And, my advice to ANYONE, advice I follow myself (after ending up way out in a part of Bklyn I didn't want to go to), never rush to get on a train. Be sure you know exactly which train it is, and that you're both together. There will be another train, they come quite frequently; let this one go, and catch the next one.

Come to NYC--honest, you'll be safe. And "lost" isn't always bad.

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My youngest son moved to NYC when he graduated from college. He was a California suburban kid. I bought him a pocket map of the city at the local book store. He managed just fine. A special guidebook would be excellent for your honeymoon.

Be sure to have lunch or a latte at the pretty cafe in Rockerfeller Plaza that looks out on the skating rink--Tavern on the Green. I dearly love Sardi's Restaurant in the theater district, and I always order their Baked Alaska as I order my dinner. You have to order it early to be ready to serve in time, but it is the most wonderful dessert the way they make it.

There are lots of museums and tourist places. You should have a wonderful time. It is almost the Christmas season when you will be there. Buy yourselves a special tree ornament to remember your wedding and honeymoon every year when you decorate the tree.

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NY is not that bad TRUST me. If you like art, remember that museums are closed on random days during the week. The Metropolitan - CLosed Monday
The Guggenheim - Closed Thursday
MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)- Closed Tuesday

There is also a museum of sex which is pretty entertaining. I'm not sure when that's closed. If you are planning on going to a museum, just call ahead to make sure it's open!

Have fun!

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