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margestephenSeptember 27, 2006

I am attending a wedding at the end of September that starts at 4:30 pm. I haven't a clue what to wear. I don't know if that is considered afternoon, evening or what. It's at a Golf Club and the weather is suppose to be a high of 60.

I have looked for a dress all over and the sales people keep telling me we are in between seasons. Summer dresses are gone and winter dresses have not arrived yet. I have found some black dresses but they are bare shoulder and I'm not comfortable with that.

I still haven't lost all my baby weight so the only thing I have found that I like is a black skirt. I have a wine colored sweater for a top but is that too casual? I also have a black and white print blouse but does that make it too dark? Ugh! Any ideas?



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I think the outfits you have with the skirt would be fine, but if you want something new, get one of those black dresses and wear a pretty shawl or jacket with it.
4:30 is still afternoon, so I would stay away from evening fabrics and trims. You can't go wrong with something very simple and classic; that way, if people are wearing party clothes or if they are wearing tailored suits, you're still fine. And a "little black dress," with something colored (shawl, scarf, etc.) and with pearls if you have them, is the champion!
Have fun.

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My vote, since it's the 27th already, is go w/ the black skirt, heels, and the maroon sweater. Then look for some sparkly black beads or something to dress up the sweater.

Or dress up the sweater some other way (sew sparkly braid around the neckline, or something; if you do it by hand, you can remove it later).

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