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hjbyunFebruary 25, 2010

We live in the DC area. Looking to install a bay window. Currently two regular window sit side by side. Had 3 quote with a wide range of price ($2.5K to $5K). We want a solid engergy efficent window. Is there a brand/maker we should consider strongly. Are there any features we should look for in a bay window?

Any assistance is appreciated.

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If you are looking for a vinyl replacement Bay window, look for a window that has a steel cable that attaches from the bottom of the window goes thru the frame to the ceiling joists. I would also highly recommend an insulated seatboard. Not all windows come with this feature so make sure that you ask. You will also need to decide whether you want a paint grade head and seat board or a stain grade typically stain grade is oak veneer and stain grade is Alder or Birch. I would also inquire as to whether a roof above the window is necessary.

Some of the better brands in the DC area are Gorell, Okna, Simonton and Softlight.

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