Interior color vinyl window manufacturers

jeshanmtFebruary 23, 2012

We are building a timber frame hybrid home and are looking for suitable windows. We would like to stick with a vinyl window because of the cost, but have been so disappointed in interior color options. The house will be finished with a variety of dark and reclaimed woods. So we need to avoid white or beige shades if possible. We ideally would like a dark bronze color for both interior and exterior.

The only option we have found so far is the Couer D'Alene Window Company. They have a large selection of interior an exterior paint choices, but the prices are twice the price of other windows we have been quoted.

I have been scouring the internet trying to find another window manufacturer that offers colored interior options, but have had no luck. Can someone recommend a company that may be able to service NW Montana? Or perhaps suggest an alternative that I may have not thought of? Thank you in advance.

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There are a lot of manufacturers that offer laminated woodgrain interiors, although none are very dark. There are some like HiMark and Okna that have a brown interior, and others that have a paintable/stainable laminate interior... How dark do you need to go. If bronze (almost black), you'll likely need a paintable/stainable.

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+1 on HS.

If you are looking for a dark interior, research frames (like fiberglass) that can be painted or stained. They will probably give you the look you want without having to pay a manufacture exterior colors and interior colors which can get pricey.

As for laminated woodgrain, the best I've seen (that are avialable to me) is Simonton. Other brands that pros talk about are Okna, like HomeSealed mentioned.

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Thank you for the responses. I would be willing to paint or stain, but we really want a grid pattern that I couldn't get to in order to match. I will take a look at the suggested brands. Do you have any thoughts on aluminum windows? Several companies offer what we want in terms of aesthetics, but we are very wary of aluminum in our cold climate.

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Neither OKNA or HiMark have any dealers in our area (or even any neighboring states) I was so disappointed because I like the cocoa color offered! It is slightly lighter than we would like, but it may work. Wood laminates look so cheap and Simonton seem to only be available in white exteriors (which is not an option) Since we are building the house ourselves, I hate to add another laborious task to the to-do list by painting windows, but I think my options are dwindling.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

I would look for a Sunrise of Soft-Lite dealer as well.

They should have the color and laminate options you require.

They both make a very solid window.

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Most companies that offer a paintable/stainable offer sdl grids as well. They are pricey but look VERY nice and they are on the exterior of the glass so you can paint/stain them to match.
On the cocoa color, check Sunrise or Softlite and see if they have a dealer in your area... If not, you may even find somebody that will ship an order of the windows that you want, you'd just have to find your own installer.

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See other guys replies for types of vinyl windows.

For Aluminum, you want at least a thermally broken window (aluminum with rubber or another substrate inbetween the aluminum).

You can get pretty good numbers from TB windows, not as good as vinyl, but good.

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I'd agree with Andrew given the right climate (warmer), but I don't think aluminum would be best in NW Montana. I have plenty of pics from here in WI that show frost all over the interior of the aluminum.

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I want to thank everyone again for the responses. After a long few days of gathering quotes and researching, I think we have decided to go with Pella Impervia fiberglass windows. They seem to be a mid range option in terms of energy efficiency, but does offer the look and price we want. Most of the paintable/stainable vinyl quotes we have received are much higher than Impervia. Thank you again for input.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Did you price out Marvin Infinity?

If not, please take a look at that competitive product to the Impervia.

I have used both and much more prefer the Infinity to the Impervia.

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I am still waiting on a price on the Marvin Infinity. Will take a second look at those. Thanks!

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Also take a look at Milgard Ultras (also fiberglass).

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i have been searching high and low for dark interior vinyl colors. i am curious if you are happy with your pella impervia windows????

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are you happy with your pella imperia windows?? would love to know. i have been trying to find dark interior vinyl colors but with no luck

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