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mommy08June 30, 2011

Every year my SS attends Vacation Bible School. It goes for a week 8-4. My father in law pushes him to go every year, it's his idea. Anyways, my in laws have no contact with my SS bio mother, my husband has no contact with her also.So I ask my SS Bio mother what the driving plans are for this Vacation Bible School. She said that she was going to drop him off there every morning. I said ok afterwards do you want my father in law to drop off my SS at with you or are you picking him up after Bible School.She goes to me well my father in law doesn't have to do anything....that I will because am willing to help him! My blood pressure went up!!! First off I have enough on my plate. I have two babies and my husband just had surgery. I feel like this is not place or job to be a taxi cab. This was my father in laws idea I feel that he should be the one taking care of where and when he should be dropped off or picked up at. I feel that I am being placed in the middle of this all. When in fact, I should have nothing to do with this. I am speaking for my father in law and my husbands ex gf. I don't think am being mean,I also don't think that I am in the wrong.

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Try not to let BM's comments get to you.

You are right, you have enough on your plate right now.
Next time, if FIL wants to put SS in Bible School, either have FIL contact BM to coordinate pick and drops off, or have your husband talk to BM. Leave yourself out of it.

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I agree with Amber, you are not obligated to drive anyone anywhere. FIL, BM and DH could negotiate who is driving SS. Stay out of it. By all means if you have a minute and feel like it, you could help, but you have no obligations. I never asked DD's SM to drive her anywhere, if my ex wanted to ask her for help it was up to him. Don't let it upset you.

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