Ideas needed for Bridal Shower

gordon43812September 19, 2004

I am "helping" the daughter of the bride give a Surprise bridal shower and I need some ideas for decorations. The wedding is fall themed but the party is at a mexican restuarant. I need table decoration ideas and easy favors as it is in one week. Wedding was thrown together in about 6 weeks. We have a cake. And I would like to stick to the colors of the wedding. Thanks!!

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So what are the colors of the wedding? I think of pinatas when I think of a Mexican restaurant. Of course, those Mexican crepe paper flowers would be pretty too if you can get them. Or any flowers. Just make it pretty with ferns scattered on the table centers and then a bouquet in the center. Pick up one or several of the colors with the napkins. If the tables are long, run many long strands of ribbon down the center of each table too. You can use narrow ribbon or even gift wrap ribbon and curl it slightly. Sprinkle some heart shapes over the ribbons or use a heart shaped candy. Depends on your colors.

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I'm thinking of sticking with the theme of the wedding. The colors are the colors of changing leaves. Shades of orange, eggplant, yellows etc. I am thinking of maybe small straw bales, mini gourds and pumpkins, and autumn leaves for centerpeices. But what to do for favors? Or I could go with snowmen (brides favorite). What do you think?

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I think you could get some mums cheaply from Walmart, then go to the dollar store (if you have one) and buy some fall pots. I've been seeing them here, they're really cute. I think they should also have any ribbon or pics (those cute little doo dads they put in plants) to spruce up the mums.

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You could buy pots of mums like the previous poster said. Then take terra cotta pots (very mexican looking) and put the mums in the terra cotta. Then tie a bow with a piece of raffia. The pots you should be able to get for a dollar or so. The mums are $2 or $3 here right now. The ribbon would be cheap too. You could accent with some real leaves or even buy a few bunches of the fake ones at a craft store. JoAnn's had theirs all on sale this weekend.

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Ohhhhhhh - I have it (well, IMHO) ... for the guests, give them each a Cascarone (a confetti filled egg that is suppose to bring good luck to the person who's head it is broken over). They are fun to make and a blast to *use*!!! You could fill them with wedding confetti and maybe include some sort of wedding type trinket in each. Here's a couple websites depicting how to make them:

Here's a website showing how to make paper flowers. I went to a latin brunch once and these were used - very pretty and festive:

The wreath (made of paper flowers?) at the bottom of this page is pretty:

One more hand-made paper idea is a paper banner (papel picado) which also look beautiful as a table runner. Here are a couple websites on them:

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Iwould really like to not go too mexican, and I only have 5 days....including throw this together. Her daughters waited to late to decide what to do.Yikes!!!!lots to do!

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Hollow out gourds, pumpkins, squash and put potted mums in them.

Those cascarones sound gorgeous but if you don't want to do those, maybe mini pumpkins for favors which people can use to decorate their homes. Or some autumn potpourri, pomander balls, or a bag of spices for making mulled cider.

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