Seeking advice about LoE366 and other tax credit glass

samson_2006February 16, 2010

Dear all,

I have many questions as a homeowner, and first time window buyer. We are looking to purchase 17 windows for our 1770's home, in northeastern CT where the temps are below zero at times in the winter. Summers can be hot and muggy. We are looking at maintaining the character of our house, by seeking architectural features that match our current windows (six over six, wood, wavy older glass) but we want efficiency for comfortable living. We are interested in Marvin Ultimates, double hung wood, simulated divided light (same grill pattern that we have now), with aluminum clad exterior. We were told that the glass needs to be LoE366 in order to be eligible for the tax credit - which we would like to receive. I would like to hear from homeowners or others that are knowledgeable about the aesthetics of this LoE366 glass. I have seen a hand sample of the glass, but not a window/door sample with the glass mounted because it was not available. Will it be too dark? I have read other posts that share their satisfaction with LoE in general, but I understand not all LoE is the same, and tints vary. Any LoE366 customers out there? Also, a GC told me that there are other companies (Jenweld?) that make a tax credit qualifying glass, with better visual transmittance than Cardinal's LoE366. ZoE.. something, and I think there might be another one. Please share your experience with these other options. Do you think the quality of this alternate glass, and or these other window brands is as good as the Marvin Ultimates with LoE366? Finally, I am a little confused about whether we should be replacing or using new construction windows. We have had a lead inspector from the state create a lead plan for us to deal with many deteriorated leaded surfaces throughout our home, including the windows. And we are under the impression, that it is safer to do new construction. However, 2 GC's seemed puzzled when I said we were going to do it this way. Our exterior is clapboard, and we know we would have to replace around the windows. My husband is very handy, and ready to do this if it is the best course. He believes that because there is extensive exterior sill damage on all of our windows, we are better off going with new construction. True? Finally, I wonder if the draft be significantly less with new construction? I welcome your comments, and I am happy to know that there is a glass lord among us. Hello Oberon!

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