what do i need to know to mail my invites (post office stuff)

lynbornmanSeptember 12, 2004

I've read lots of posts about 'hand canceling' and picking stamps etc.. I'm clueless about all of this. Can someone please break it down for me? We are ready this week to mail our invites. They are large squares. So what do I do to make sure they are not destroyed? I imagine I bring one to the post office and have it weighed to get the postage. Then, if it is some odd number of cents, what do you do? Do you pick a bunch of stamps and have them all stuck on there or can you just have them stamp on the total cents amount without any stamps? Also, when does this hand canceling stuff come into play and what exactly does that mean? Anything else I'm not thinking of? Thanks for ANY help!

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Since your envelopes may be a non-standard size (most square ones are non-standard), you definitely need to take one to the post office and ask a clerk to tell you how much it will cost to mail each of them. If they are large squares, they will probably cost the equavilent of a 37 cent and a 23 cent stamp, or 60 cents each to mail. You would then purchase as many 60-cent stamps as you need and attach them at home.

The problem occurs when brides assume that all envelopes only need a 37-cent stamp. Then, they receive all of their invitations back with big postal stamps saying "additional postage required" all over them, ruining the look of the invitation. If you purchased your invitations through an invitations dealer, they should have told you if you would need extra postage for the size envelope that you chose.

If your invitation has a bow on it or anything else that causes the envelope to not be perfectly flat, then all of them will need to be hand cancelled. The postal clerk can tell you if you need that or not. Most mail is run through machines, but the machines can only handle flat items. Items that need to be hand cancelled are cancelled one-by-one by a postal employee, not a machine.

In some small communities or places with unusual wedding-related names, such as Bridal Veil, Oregon, you can mail your invitations and all of them will be hand cancelled with a cancellation containing the name of the post office.

Your postal clerk should be able to tell you everything that you need to know to mail your invitations without problems.

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Oh thank you SweetPeacolor>!!!!
You just made my day... Bridal Veil, OR is only about 35 miles from our house! NEVER would have thought of that one on our own! :)


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Here is something I wish I'd done:

Take your address list and give each address a number.

Take a pencil and in tiny, light letters put the corresponding number somewhere on both the invitation and the RSVP card.

We got RSVPs without names on them, and a torn-up invitation without an envelope back from the post office (it had been wrecked by the machinery), and we couldn't trace either to the guests they belonged to.

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SweetPea and Anita both gave some excellant information. I just wanted to add to the hand cancelling information. I brought my invitations to the post office and requested that they be hand cancelled. They were. But, they were also sent through the machine! Somehow the post office made a mistake and stuck the hand cancelled envelopes into a bag with things that still needed to be cancelled, and they were all sent through the machine. It wasn't the end of the world, but it wasn't as nice looking as I had hoped. Sometimes things don't work out the way we plan, but the invitations got to the recipiants and that was one of the only things that went "wrong" - if I can even call that a real problem! ;-)

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