Towel Wedding Cake

lgiorgiSeptember 27, 2007

Here is a cake I made for my daughter for her shower.

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Wow. Very pretty. You did a great job!

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That is incredible! You are really clever and talented. I am sure your guests were delighted and your daughter thrilled.

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that is really pretty...can you give directions on how you made it??? It's made out of bath towels...right???


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Livnlife I will be glad to. My daughter is getting married tomorrow so I will try to send them in a day or two. It really is easy. Roll a few towels and deforate. I will show you.

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Thank you for responding!
I will look forward to the instructions.
I hope the wedding went well and you all had a good time!
My daughters wedding is in March and I cant believe how stressed I am over all the planning! It's really not like me! So much to's overwhelming!
How did it all go for you???


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I was so stressed. There was so much to do at the house before the wedding with the girls dressing here, the hair and makeup people, trying to set up a snack in the am for the hair and makeup people and then I had wraps made and salads for the girls to eat before the wedding It was at three so I had to give them something to eat. I just ran out of time. My hair was not done and the photographer said hurry get your dress on....Boy I thought I was going to lose it. In the end everything that mattered was great. Just seeing my daughter being so happy and so in love made me feel sentimental all day. She is my last daughter to get married. I had three. Now the empty nest syndrome. I am going to send the link for the cake. Later on today. OK? Did you get your dress? I just posted mine with my daughters this morning. You can see it.

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Use this site to get some ideas. You can decorate anyway you like. I made mine brown and cream because they were my daughters colors for the wedding, Wrapping it in tule with a large ribbon on top looks great. I also picked up an inexpensive bride and groom for the top of the cake.

Here is a link that might be useful: towel cake

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