Accommodations for out-of-towners

jill1273September 27, 2009 much is too much to ask out of town guests to spend on a hotel to come to my wedding? I basically have 2 choices, one more affordable ($90) but kinda old and dingy, and one a little more expensive ($165) but new and clean..Some people will be spending 2 nights... I would like most people to stay in same hotel so we can hang out afterwards, as the wedding will not be near my hometown, and most guests (including myself) will be staying...Any thoughts? P.S.- I'm keeping in mind that some will have to pay for airfare as well...Ugh!

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Is it possible for you to negotiate a better rate (especially in view of wanting to stay two nights) block booking with the better hotel?

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Well, I'm working on that too..I spoke to a coordinator at the hotel and they're dragging their feet..problem is that it's a holiday weekend in a resort town, so they feel like they'll have no problem booking rooms at full price..

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It is tough to negotiate a rate when your wedding is on a popular weekend in a resort. As the sales manager told you, they can always fill the space with guests who will pay full price. Though you would like everyone to stay at the same place, I would block space at both places and let your guests choose where to stay. They can still get together for meals, hang out at a park or another public place if necessary. When you communicate the block information, be sure to remind guests that the wedding will occur on a busy weekend, so don't wait to book their room. Some people tend to procrastinate and those are the ones who may have diffuculty getting a room.

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I would give the information about both hotels to the guests. What you want the most is for them to attend, and the information may help get them there. After our daughter's wedding where most of the guests were from out of town, the groom's parents invited people up to their suite in the wee hours after the reception was over. A younger group chose to hang out at the bar for an hour or so. We stayed at our house. But I think I would try inviting people to the suite of the parents and have wine and sodas and chips etc. there. It was a nice way to wind down.

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