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abfromnjFebruary 28, 2011

I know that there is a lot of discussion here about the two brands. I have to replace my old Pella sliding glass door that is about 26 years old. I went to the pella dealer and they have 3 different levels of doors ranging from 1500 to 3500 in cost. I also looked at the Anderson 400 series door and it is supposed to be their best and it was about 1800 dollars. I am confused on which one to purchase. I was thinking the middle Pella at 2500 dollars but is it worth it to get the 1800 anderson door? Also, looked at Marvin but too expensive. Please help.

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I am also in NJ and shopping for 12-foot vinyl sliding glass doors. An installer told me the Andersen door I was interested in would not fit in my space by about an inch, so definitely check your measurements carefully. I got an estimate from Pella which would apparently fit with a mullion and they are having a 40% off installation sale, although the price is still high. Waiting to hear from the installer about whether Simonton would fit my space. Good luck!

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let me warm you about Andersons "sales" people. I requested a quote for Renewel by Anderson. When the lady called to set up the appointment, she asked me if I was married, I told her NO. She then asked if I has a girlfriend, partner or anyone else who lived in the house? I though the Q was strange, but answered with yes, I have a partner named Kenneth. She then said, oh good, I will let the forman know. I then questioned her about the forman. I told her that I needed a sales person, not a forman. She stated that they are sales people. Anyway, when it came time for the appointment, a guy showed up (parked in my driveway blocking one of our cars) and came inside. He was acting really strange and out of place, he did not introduce himself and say anything about what I was needing (mind you that the lady appontment setter had asked what I was wanting done). I then asked him what does he have? his response was "i dont know, you called us"...okay, I was really taken back by that comment, but, went ahead and walked the house and showed him all my windows and large doors looking to be replaced. Most likely, this would have been a 50 to 60K job. Then when we got done with the walk around, he ask me where Kenneth was? I was again taken back by that questioned, but responded with, "he is in the back office, but will not be attending this meeting". The sales guy then said, well maybe we need to re-schedule. I thold him NO, we are not rescheduleing and that he will deal with me since I own the house. The sales guy then asked me a question about my big black Caddiliac that was parked out side. He was asking me who made the decision to buy that? I told the sales guy that it was non of his business and that I am not having him here to ask me questions about my caddiliac. He then demanded that Kenneth attend the meeting or else he was going to call his office because that is thier policy. I told the sales guy to get out of my home immediatly. He then refused and said NO, I will call my office and you can speak with them. I told the guy, you get out now or I physically throw you out. The sales guy grabbed his breif case and yelled at me, "we are the largest window company in the USA, your making a big mistake"....I told the sale guy from Renewel by Anderson that he was poor sales guy and that if this is any refelction of the company, I want nothing to do with either!! I was very angry. The nerve of this sales guy and most of all, the nerve of Renewel by Anderson to train thier sales staff in the tactics!!! my word of caution to anyone seeking Renewel by Anderson, DO NOT HAVE THEM COME TO YOUR HOUSE unless you are prepared for 60 minuted of sale tactic BS...lucky for me, I sniffed this idiot out the first 5 minutes and he was out the door in 7 minutes.

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It would have been a 4 hour high-pressure sales pitch in which he would have tried to convince you that all windows other than RBA will rot or bow and any company other than RBA will rip you off and do a lousy install. He needed your partner there so you couldn't tell him you needed to talk to your partner before making a decision. He would have wanted a decision that day and would have offered you a price good only for that day.

You have a very good nose for sniffing out BS. What window have you decided to look at next?

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Troy, Yes, Renewal By Andersen's sale practices are like something from the 1950s. They told me they require a 90 minute in-home presentation and that both spouses had to be there. I am a woman and earn as much as my husband, actually a bit more. I told them I considered their sales practices sexist and I did not want to do business with them. They called me three more times after that! Ridiculous. I hate a hard-sell and would never do business with them.

After considering Pella and Andersen from a lumberyard that was NOT Renewal by Andersen, we went with a custom sized Andersen Frenchwood Gliding Door. Should be in in 3 weeks.

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