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dgmarieFebruary 13, 2006

Am curious if you have ever paid someone to paint interior wood frame windows. I have 53 inch casement windows, Jeld-wen, no mullion, white wood frame interior and vinyl clad exterior. I had a guy come in to quote painting them (am having 4 guys actually since I have MANY windows) and am curious how much sticker shock to expect. Guy #1 will sand and prime oil and paint oil on each, remove each and do them assembly line fashion for me.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

I charge $175 to paint a 30" X 48" Pella Casement. Wash, sand, prime with bonding primer and 2 finish coats of Acrylic Satin enamel. A minimum of 5 windows.

Ask him how long it will take for that oil enamel to begin to yellow and crack? Oils are no longer the professional painter's choice. Ask him about Acrylic Enamels. Non-yellowing, no cracking, with a porcelain like finish. That's what I use.

Ask him if he's going to paint the edges of each casement sash. The edge that is hidden when closed, but exposed to the weather and UV rays when open. That includes the bottom edge! I often find that edge unpainted when I inspect a job prior to estimating it.

Paint must not get on the weatherstripping. If it does, the weatherstripping will not function properly and you'll have air leaks around the sashes.

Hardware must be removed. Screw holes primed and painted. This assures you that cracking, flaking and or peeling cannot develop around a piece of hardware if the paint is bridged up to it instead of under it.

Visit three jobs they have done and talk to the customer. If not, you may have the most expensive disappointment of your life.


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holy cow! $175 per window? am I reading that right?

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes


That's 3.75 hours of time per window, plus materials and a return trip for the second coat. Now, let's see. We're going to wash, sand, prime and paint two coats all in 3.75 hours.

A painter with workmen's compensation, liability insurance, a vehicle with insurance, a retirement plan, a family to provide for and a phone that he has a receptionist answer is about $46 per hour. A very fair price.

Oh, did I mention I'm registered with the local governments?


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We got our first quote. To paint 60 casement windows (wash, scrape, sand, prime with oil, top coat with latex enamel-all three sides) including the interior frames, caulk etc for 4 guys for three days is $3100. That is about $50 per window.

One company was a no show. The other company never sent me the quote after spending an hour. Another company comes out next week.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Have you visited the 3 jobs? Inspected them?
Talked to the customer?


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You mean since yesterday? No. I will certainly call their references.

As I mentioned, this is the first of three quotes.

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