geneology service?

lynbornmanAugust 9, 2004

My fiance and I would love to hire someone to research and give us some kind of write up on the family history of each of our parents (4-5 generations of people). We'd like to give it to them at rehearsal dinner. Neither of us have the time or the patience to do something like this ourselves. Does anyone have any ideas where we could find someone (online, via phone...etc) to hire do this for us? Does a service like this even exist?

Any suggestions are most welcome! Thanks!

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Look in the yellow pages for genealogical societies. I'll bet you could find someone there who would do it for you.

If you or your fiance are "from" another area, and especially if the families have lived in another area for several generations, you might contact the genealogical societies in those areas, since the info might be more readily available.

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Where are you from? I have done my family tree back 7 generations for almost every branch. Just to let you know, it has taken me over 5 years and there is still a lot of information to be had...
What types of things are you wanting to include? Some things can be gotten for free, but others there are fees. Just the cost of obtaining marriage and 3 baptismal records for some ancestores put me over $70. Then I realized I could have ordered the microfilm from the LDS Family History Centers for free, but it would have taken many hours to look up and find the info.
Let me know what you are interested in and I will see what I can do to help you.

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