Window Pane in Wrong Channel, Can't Move It-WTD?

eldemilaFebruary 13, 2010

Just tried opening one of the windows in the house we bought and it won't budge. I finally saw that the window should slide up and down in the 2nd / middle channel and one side is in correctly while the other side, part is in the back channel and I don't know what to do to get it forward. I'm afraid if I pull too hard it will shatter.

Anyone have any ideas on how to deal with this issue?


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Windows on Washington Ltd

Pictures would really help out here to illustrate.

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Hopefully you can see it in this picture, I had to lighten it up a bit. I need to get the bottom channel forward, the top of the window is okay, but not the bottom.

Thanks for any assistance and ideas on what to do to fix it.

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Triple track storm windows take a lot of patience. If the sash won't move at all, try to tilt it in carefully. If there is no clearance at the top to tilt it in that won't work. Last resort......go outside, remove the screws that mount the storm window frame to the trim. If you can free the frame on one side, spreading the frame, the sash should gain clearance enough to be removed. I have a can of lubricant called AlumaLube I spray on the frame tracks. Go to your local hardware store and look for something like that. If you are going to live with storm windows you will learn some tricks or end up throwing them away.
Good Luck!

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Okay, I guess I'll search to see exactly what a sash is and then see if it moves or not. The window won't budge up or down. I'll try to find some spray. Would WD40 work?

So, what other tricks should I know about storm windows? I don't need any more headaches!


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I'm just learning the lingo too, and I think the sash is the part you want to move :-)


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WD40 is oil thinned down to spray from a can, it will become messy pretty quick like the underside of your car engine. Look for a spray intended for aluminum window tracks, what I have smells better and leaves no oil behind.

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Got it fixed. Took the putty knife and got it back on track, literally! Was worried the glass would break, but luck was on my side. Now, to tackle how to seal the sliver gaps. Time for a new post!


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Looking at the photo reminds me of an old season all double hung side load with block and tackle balancers. Model 105 I believe.
Glad to hear that you remedied the problem.

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