Centerpiece Ideas

gordon43812August 12, 2004

I need some ideas for centerpieces for the tables, I dont want the same things on all the tables so multiple ideas would be great! (plus Iam helping a friend with hers) Hers is in Oct. mine is in March. Thanks!!

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It might help to know some more details about each wedding, like:

What colors are you working with?

Are there particular flowers you're using in the bouquets that you'd like to use in the centerpieces too?

Are you going with any kind of "theme"?

Is the wedding formal or casual? What kind of setting? (Indoor/outdoor, fancy hotel vs. community center, etc.)

Do you have a particular budget to work within?

There are just so many possibilities for centerpieces - having more details along those lines will help people give you some suggestions better tailored to your needs.

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Also let us know the time of year of the wedding. In spring, you might use flowering plants, then give them to guests. In fall, you might use miniature pumpkins, etc. Knowing how casual or formal the wedding will be and the time of year will help greatly in offering suggestions.

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My colors are orange, black, and silver. March is my month. Hers is in Oct. Going with a fall theme for her. I really have no "theme" unless it would be considered Harley Davidson. Hers is outside, hog roast, etc. Mine is inside, buffet (prime rib or chicken) around 50 people. Semi-casual.

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For your friend, one suggestion would be hollowed pumpkins filled with fall flowers or branches with fall colored leaves. Or mini bales of hay with mini pumpkins and gourds.

For yours ????? tough one! LOL Perhaps incorporate a toy Harley within a floral arrangement. Sounds like a lot of fun!


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Combine the cost of a wedding cake and centerpieces: place an 8" or 10" cake on each table. They can all be the same or, for more fun, make each a different flavor such as chocolate cheesecake or lemon layer with vanilla frosting or even a pie. Guests will enjoy the variety. The bride and groom can still cut their own cake at the head table.

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A Harley Davidson wedding theme....okay....that may be a first even for this forum. (Or maybe not.) At least it won't be one of those "cookie cutter" weddings.
I picture black leather tablecoverings, temporary tattoos for the guests, (unless they prefer real ones of course). Let's see...your "colors" will take on a whole new meaning and how about something with cut off jeans, bandannas, etc. for the mamas and ol' ladies, I mean bridesmaids. For the bride I think a white helmet and for groom I suggest one of those shirts that says on the back, "If you can read this, the b**ch fell off".

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I am starting to be sorry that I ever posted a question in here. I just wanted some centerpeice ideas, besides flowers and votives. Not anybody's delusional ideas of what a Harley Davidson is or means to people. Would you tell Jay Leno to wear one of those shirts? No you wouldn't. Its a shame that people have to stereotype EVERYBODY. And I would bet that if you met me in person you wouldn't even know I own a bike. Shame on you.

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Hello.....I've done weddings for a number of years, and have always come up with ideas, although with your colour scheme, it is, frankly a wee bit more of a challenge..;-)
However, here are some ideas you may want to incorporate: I do like the idea of mini-wedding cakes on each table (there are cake forms that look like a two-tiered cake that you could bake up)...each would be covered in a white or cream icing, "laced" around with a single strand of black licorice (I did see a pic on here and it's the most elegant thing you've ever seen!), on each layer, with a single orange carnation bloom on the tops, sitting on a "silver" tray or doily. This will serve as the desserts on the tables: if you're adventurous, smaller ones (forms for those, also) can be made for each person! That'll nicely set the cutting cake will be similar, larger with a variety of orange/peach blooms on the top of your cake. White tablecloths with black ribbons (I'm assuming round tables here, but this can be adjusted) used as "spokes" cris-crossing at the centres of the tables, and running under each person's plate and down about 10" over the tablecloth, cut in a swallow's-tail. Very elegant. Get the very inexpensive "Flora" ribbons, about 2-3" wide. Pennies per metre. Just a thought: on the cakes, an orange tulip placed across the tops would be gorgeous, too!! Silver candlesticks or candles everywhere, black fluffy ribbons tied onto any tulle you're using...Bridesmaids in elegant black dresses, carrying multi-coloured orange/peach tulips or roses, silver narrow ribbons....I could go on and on, but I'm sure you get the drift...If you want me to find that black and white cake, let me was sooo gorgeous!!!
Hope that helps!

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You could get small silver vases (plain old silver cups would work, fill them with orange flowers (poppies are beautiful but I don't know how well they last or how nice they smell) and tie with a black ribbon around the top.

Those black tulips are beautiful too. Probably kind of expensive though, and not true black.

Persimmons are orange and they are very pretty and would be nice in a centerpiece.

There is a back issue (last year or the year before) of Martha Stewart Weddings with a story on cakes that incorporate candy and the one with white frosting and black licorice is really gorgeous. Trimmed with orange roses or dahlias it would be beautiful.

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I have seen some neat centerpiece ideas on this website I think you might find something you like.

Here is a link that might be useful: Centerpiece Supplies

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Orange cosmos will last forever as a cut flower! I've had some in my house for over a week! Not sure if you'd be able to find any at a florist's though.

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I am sorry if anyone offended you. Please continue to ask for help here - people give great advice and have creative ideas!

I think it would be cool if you wanted to create some real elegant centerpieces for your wedding - maybe use the flowers that you will use for your bouquets and put them in chrome urns or vases - The chrome would be a nod to the bikes and set off the flowers very nicely. I prefer simple centerpieces over ornate, but you can do what you think will compliment your theme best. I have seen people put round mirrors in the center of each table and have varying heights of flower arrangements - half tall, half short to add visual interest, and had votives and glass pebbles (like the ones they use in flower arrangements sometimes) around the base. I think if you want to stick to the chrome idea, you could find votives that are chrome and put votives in orange and black inside - I would maybe use one color per table, rather than mix the colors it might appear more busy.

For your friend, I think that she would want something substantial that won't fall over if the wind picks up. Maybe some fall leave branches in copper or "antiqued" urns or vases. She can tuck flowers in with the branches, or just use the branches by themselves. I love fall leaves, and they will look very elegant. She could even spray paint the leaves and branches with metalic paint - like copper, gold, burnt orange, etc. - it would add a touch of drama and cover up any imprefections in the branches and leaves.

I hope this is helpful - I am not the most creative type. I am sure that both weddings will be lovely! Good luck!

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Don't be offended- please. One person's comment, especially one like that, can't be taken seriously.

In your other post you mentioned the cake topper came from Harley, can you post a link to it? I just did a search and found this page . Have you decided on dresses for the girls?

I can't find my Hallmark holiday ornament book right now, but they do have a Harley collection. Last year they had a gold & silver edition ornament. There are some for sale at Ebay if you'd like to include something like this on the table. This year the big ornament looks like this while the mini is a 1933 Flathead. My thought, you could search for the mini Harley ornaments on Ebay, and attach them to your centerpiece. Or you could unbox maybe the gold & silver ones and use that for the main attraction, surrounded by the silver or other appropriate color Easter grass. I'm sure they call it something else- maybe tinsel? You might even have one in front of a simple floral piece. If your new hall allows confetti like you originally wanted, you could use that in place of the "Easter grass".

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I also just went to AC Moore, they've got a decent selection of ideas- found here

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Our daughter is getting married May 21, 2005. Her colors are Fuschia and pale yellow. I at first was skeptical, but since found out how absolutely beautiful the colors go together.

She has mentioned she would like to use live fish in bowls on the tables at the reception. Of course, we want to use other decorations as well to embellish the tables.

The tables we will be using are rectangular. (the ones available in the reception hall)

We are blessed to have a dear friend who is a wedding planner herself and ever since our girls have been tiny they have wanted her to "do their wedding". I am certain she will have no problem coming up with something as creative as she is, but wondered if any of you have seen this elsewhere at weddings and how they pulled it off.

Any ideas of ways to incorporate these live centerpieces in with other table decorations would be appreciated.

Thanks, MOB

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Try this website.....its great.
If that link doesn't work then let me know.
Good Luck

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Please consider several factors before you go with the live fish. I attended an outdoor wedding on a warm day and the water in the fishbowls magnified the heat so that the fish were leaping out of the bowls to escape being cooked. By the time we sat down, there were dead and dying fish all over the table, plates and in the bowls. Not very appetizing and upsetting to those who love animals.

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I Have searched everwhere for a harley davidson flower arrangement for my daughters father who is in the hospital.Why can't I find any.Can you please help me?.Thank you soo much.

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Kim, you could just call the florist and tell them what you're looking for. I'm sure that they would be glad to make up what you want, within limits. What do you envision a Harley Davidson flower arrangement looking like? I have no idea. Would you want a toy motorcycle in with the flowers or what? If you want something like that in with the flowers you may have to provide it to the florist. Or do you just want the Harley colors? Describe it to us, please - sounds interesting.

Again, just describe to the florist, including how much you want to spend.

Or, perhaps better - rather than flowers, how about a Vermont Teddy Bear? They do have a biker bear. (NO - I'm not spamming)

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