Food questions.

billswifey2beAugust 11, 2005

We are having a BBQ on the beach wedding reception in October. We will be having Steaks, Ribs, Baked Sweet Potatoes, Baked Potatoes, Sweet Potatoe Casserole, Corn on the cob, Green Bean casserole, garlic bread, and rolls. My questions are... 1 can you think of anything else to have that would go well? 2. Would it be ok for me to start getting the nonparishables now (the reception is October 19th) I will be freezing the corn on the cob so it tastes good still. (dont think it would taste good still in Oct if it were out at all..) But to get like the Butter and freeze it etc? Thanks in advance :)


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What a great idea - sounds like a fun reception!

Looking over your menu, I see a couple of things. If you have any guests who might not eat red meat, or are on a diet, chicken would be a great meat addition. You could also add some grilled vegetables and fruit too, like pineapple, portabello mushrooms, peppers. Baked beans and salad also go great with grilled food.

You could go ahead and freeze some stuff now. I have frozen butter before and doesn't affect the quality at all. You could make fancy butter by adding some herbs or garlic, roll it into a log, and freeze it. For corn, you can get frozen corn-on-the-cob at the grocery store. They flash-freeze it as soon as it's picked, so it should be sweet. You could make up the sweet potato casseroles in advance and freeze those too.

Good luck!

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If I could suggest (if you are a paid member, or one could foreward the question?) the cooking forum is a great source of support, recipes and helpful hints on questions like this. Lots of expert bakers and really good cooks with great ideas.

I was wondering why baked sweet potatoes and the casserole? I like both items, but did wonder.


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I second Twinkle's suggestion that you add vegetables or at least a green salad and some fruit. The menu sounds delicious, but it is pretty heavy with starches. I love a BBQ!

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A big tossed green salad. Or a few varieties of salad.

You could have raw finger veggies with ranch dressing dip before hand as the meal is grilling and as people are mingling and having a drink.

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Just remember to have the food covered. Even in October you will have a problem with bugs wanting to taste test your food. But everything sounds wonderful.

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