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MrsProffit25June 3, 2011

Well dh and bm had court today. I was very nervous because i thought our attorney was being some what of a push-over. Iwas wrong! first the 2 attorneys met and spoke - bm attorney wants 2 weeks during the summer and all school breaks... our attorney said well we need to all sit and talk because things are not going well... we all had mediation and i was happy i was able to join. We first discussed holidays - we agreed to every other holiday with christmas split - her next holiday would be july 4rth but home by 7 for school the next day (no1 including our side relised it was during summer break haha) she agrees but put up a fight because them she couldnt take her to see firworks.. split christmas and halloween.. then he brought summer break and thanksgiving break and christmas break thats when our attorney showed her skills. If bm cant properly care for dd then she doesnt need more time and why if dd would just be left with a sitter while bm is at work (fyi - she works at 8 so leaves on bus at 7am then gets off at 6 but after picking up her 2yr old and sd if she were there they wouldnt be home untill 8pm due to 3 buses to get home) attorney mention cats - homework and no bed... of course bm argued her case admitted to the cat - said she is doing her homework but once i mentioned i have photos of her homework done incorrectly she dropped it. dh then asked (after hearing sd and bm talk about it on the phone last night) who is the other man living in the house "my b/f" no the one you told dd was helping you pay bills.. oh thats my b/f brother... attorney had a field day with that.. HER attorney on the other hand once again like last time was in shock... he knew none of this.. none of anything!! our attorney offered a new agreement - every other weekend and on the week she doesnt have sd then that tue and every other holiday.. no agreement so we are going to trial. her attorney told her that her child support might go up now because we are going to trial. she thru a fit. she said she just filed her taxes last week. the judge did say that we can come to agreement before trial then we wont need to go to trial just sign off on the agreement. so dh was thinking in a few weeks before trial offer her the same thing we did today in exchange for no uping of child support. we dont think bm mother will be able to afford trial but we will see - we are extremely lucky that our attorny just does this on the side and is VERY cheap... after it was over we sat and chit chat with our attorney for about 20 min about how things went and everything - on our way out we passed bm and her attorney chewing her you know what off - even as we drove off they were still there... i know her attorney is not happy with her at all - he didnt even want to see the letter from the teacher lol!! but all in all very pleased!! nothing has changed yet!!!

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I think that's great!!

I don't like that you scammed BM out of July 4th night because you said sd has school the next day but she really doesn't. Scamming the other parent because they don't 'realize' that the next day is not a school day, only causes bitterness and more friction. You could have just said, no not agreeing to overnight because she doesn't need to stay the night. But honestly BM should have paid attention and should know that July 4th is during the SUMMER and not during school. That's my only negative comment.

I'm glad that it worked out so there are no changes. That really is what is in the best interest of this child right now.

How is her behavior today?

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SD had like snapped back to her old self today!! playing with dd and just "normal' we didnt realise it was no school - we just know we wanted her home at 7 every visit except over nights - i mentioned noone realised it - i realised it once i told my mom how court went. BM text dh about 30 min that she just wants to be a good mom and we never want to see the good. DH told her she had the chance to agree to our attorneys offer but now its going to trial - if the judge doesnt like what he hears she could get even LESS time and we will be fighting to raise child support but if she wanted to work something out to let him know. She said she did - he told her that if she wants to agree to our attorneys terms that he will not fight for more child support. she agreed. so i emailed our attorney to see if we can get this in a court order and done with or what we need to do. if it goes throu then BM gets everyother weekend which means we get full weekends with sd too =) then every other tue. every other holiday and split christmas..

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BM has been going back and forth with changing her minds about coming to an agreement. She told dh she will take her chances at court because child support is a seperate case. DH reminded her " well then why do you think you have to fill out a financial affidavit" lol so she changed her mind back to agreeing with our offer. Our attorney emailed me to let us know bm attorney contacted her to let her know bm is coming to his office sunday to make an agreement - who knows what it will be but hopefully what we wanted as well.

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