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Louise54August 6, 2007

As most of our guests will be travelling and staying overnight, we are preparing small goody bags (boxes actually) that will contain 2 bottles of water, a large chocolate bar (3.5 oz) and a small bag of almonds (something salty, something chocolate). We would like to include at least one more item, but are at a loss as to what else to include that would go with the above and not look like an afterthought.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

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What about brochures from your area, a city map, or a disposable camera. Unless you live in a small community, most guests appreciate knowing how to get around and information on sightseeing activities in the area.

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Is there an item that is special to your area? Do they have a reputation for the best salt water taffy or blueberry jam? If you are going with all edibles find out what is unique for the area. Many items come in small sizes so they would fit into the box. NancyLouise

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How about something with you name, wedding date & info on the bridal party. I know on different websites they offer all sorts of imprinted items. We received a candy bar with bride & groom's name & date on front then on the back it has for ingredients the bridal party. Since you already have a candy bar order something else with your wedding info. Also, I've seen people give cd's with their favorite songs. You can burn & print them yourself.

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I agree with nancylouise -- something that is special to your area. Around here, central Ohio, it would be "buckeye" candy; in Green Bay, it could be dried cranberries or cheese; in the southwest, a local salsa -- you get the idea. My cousin in Atlanta gave everyone a little bag of grits! He said, "Just call it polenta."

Fruit is nice and appreciated by dieters.

Maps are good, especially one you prepare yourself showing key venues, one-way streets, and parking, but I'd only include the info on local attractions if they will have a lot of free time to fill. They came to see YOU and each other, not the zoo.

Maybe reconsider the bottled water? I have been happy to read that it's going out of style, for good environmental reasons. Its ecological costs are staggering, and that's why restaurants in SF and NYC are stopping serving it.

Be sure to include a note welcoming them and giving schedules, venues with addresses, and phone numbers they might need.

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Everything I was going to mention is said above:

Contact list
things to do list
Camera ( everyone has a digital)
Maybe gum or mints?

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Thank you so much to all of you for some great ideas! I hadn't mentioned, but we were going to include a map of the area, a little thank-you-for-coming note, a recap of the itinerary and contact numbers. We just went to a wedding where many of the same guests were also in attendance, and they did the "local" favorites, so we were trying to avoid duplicating. I'm sure with all of these suggestions we'll be able to finish up the box.
THanks again for all of your help.

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you could also just stop at that--no real need to add anything else, particularly. Round down, not up.

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I just got back from my friend's wedding, which was a weekend up in the mountains on a lake. I helped her make "welcome bags" and we included:

*2 bottles of water
*2 bags of almonds
*2 granola bars
*caffinated breath mints
*little package of bug-spray wipes
*little bottle of sunscreen
*printouts with a schedule of wedding related activities and things to do around the area during free time (shopping, hiking, hotsprings, etc.).

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Thanks Jennmonkey! I think that the breath mints will do the trick. We just had a small space left in the box, and they should fit perfectly. Thanks again for everyone's help!

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