Frost inside home on new replacement windows

rosebudfantasyFebruary 20, 2008

So we just got new Great Lakes replacement windows installed on the whole house. There is frost and ice buildup on really cold windy days and you can feel cold air coming in. We have contacted the installer and they came out and 'doubled up' on the fuzzy pads. And added a screw in the top of one. The locks don't seem like they are pulling anything tight and some of them are terribly loose which they say are okay. We mostly have double-hung with the exception of some sliders in the basement and two sliders with a picture window in the living room. Not only is there frost and ice along the area the two windows come together and even on the locks, but along the bottom where the bar along the bottom is attached. This is not due to humidity as there is no water buildup otherwise. We have had many calls and emails to the company and so far all they tell us is 'I don't know' or maybe we will replace the sash. They also said we should caulk on the inside of the windows. That will look rediculous won't it? And that is part of there job... if their windows aren't working they should be doing all they can to get to the bottom of it right? Does anyone have any ideas on what we can do next? Our old windows seem better! And now we have a home equity loan on crappy windows. I have documentation of the ice buildup two different times... it has happened at least 3 or 4. Here is a link to the window...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Could you post more pictures of the window? Also what model is it of the Great Lakes Line? There are many..

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Air infiltration seems to be the problem here. Where you have the flow of air in between the (1)sill and the sash (2) lift rail- innerlock....should be fixable by the installer. Have the installer test for air-flow AND mfg specs on this critical performance. Your product has to be certified and tested for structural, water and air infiltration. Get this in writing.

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Rosebud from the picture you posted its hard to tell what model it is of the Great Lakes Line. I have install 1000's of Great Lakes Windows over the years and never had a problem like the one your experiencing. From the picture you posted it doesn't even look like a Great Lakes Window. The locks on the Great Lakes line sit on top of the sash and are not reassessed. Take a look at the link I provided.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

I agree. Those do not look like a GLW. Those are mortised locks similar to Sunrise and Sugarcreek but I doubt it's either of them.

What name is on the warranty?


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I also agree that they are not Great Lakes Windows. Pull down your top sash and read the warranty sticker on the top of the main frame. What does it say?? From the picture you posted it definitely does not look like a Great lakes Window.

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I had 25 PlyGem windows by Great Lakes installed about 4 years ago. They include a five section bow, a bay with a double hung on both ends and a large picture with a double hung on both ends. The windows are beautiful inside and out with wood tones on the windows I just mentioned plus two large double hungs in our kitchen. All other windows are white inside and out and are all double hung.The installers took four days to install the windows and the job was impeccable. To the OP, don't know what you have but they don't look like anything we have.

We had a window lose its seal. We did not call Great Lakes but rather our dealer who has been in business 45 years. Within 3 weeks they replaced the glass in the bad window.

Any brand of window is only as good as the installation and the dealer who stands by their work.

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Thanks all. Especially scojack65. I don't really know if it matters what brand, but it is a Great Lakes UniFrame window (have an email double-checking). The company is still "waiting to hear from the manufacturer". The problem is that all this while in WINTER we have been waiting, and when it is spring I have a feeling it will be harder for them to tell what is wrong. I really am getting sick of the lack of support. Don't ever use All American Window and Door in Germantown WI. Their product is terrible and customer service even worse.

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Oh and they installed the whole house. 15 windows in one day. By one day I mean from 9 in the morning til almost 9 at night with spotlights on to see. They were rushing I'm sure because they did mention they didn't want to make the trip back out to our house the following day, as the installers lived so far away. I am beginning to think this is where some of the problem came into play as they forgot to put caulking on the bottom of all the windows... then someone came back out to do that and he put "shiny CLEAR caulk" on instead of the tan that matched the rest of the caulking. What an eye-sore! So I asked if they could come out and fix it, and they just added tan caulk over the top of the shiny clear. Very dissatisfied we are.

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we just got confirmation that the manufacturer is Ply Gem and the model is Lifestyles. (Great Lakes Windows)

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I would send the company the URL for this thread and let them know that you are logging your experience with the company on line.

Sometimes a little consumer activism is what it takes to get people to do their job properly. Sad but true.

The brand of window does matter because it determines what warranty your windows fall under.

I'm sorry you've had a bad experience. Hopefully it will be taken care of soon.

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