airforceguyAugust 30, 2004

Hi all. Getting married Sept 18 in Newport RI. The ceremony is outside in the backyard of my Fiances parents house. 1 slight problem--Skunks!! Nearly every night they are spraying in the backyard, and what a stink!! Any solutions on how get rid of these skunks!! Not exactly sure on the # of skunks!! Any help would be great!! Thanks. Scott

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Not sure if this would work for skunks but it might be worth a try. We live in Florida and have a lot of plants around our home. In order to keep snakes and other critters from around our house, we put moth balls around the plants and all around the house, in our shrubs, under the house, in the utility room and even in our golf bags. It works great for this purpose. They are inexpensive and last quite a while. I usually use about four boxes each time I put them out and they last several weeks, even with our daily rain showers. I guess it would depend on the size of the yard how many boxes you would need. You might try them now to see if they work and then put more out a couple of days ahead of the wedding. Since they are outside, they really don't smell that much and I'm sure they would be much more plesant that the Skunk odor! LOL Would love to know if they work for you. My Dh was 20 years Airforce. If you like check out the Groom's cake and table that I did for him at our reception.

Here is a link that might be useful: Drew and Sherrie Lynns

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will pass it on. Im in the Canadian Air Force. Getting out In Dec and moving to DC. Great website. Thanks.

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The city of Newport probably has an animal countrol department. Give them a call and find out their advice.

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Call a pest control company or buy a large Have-A-Heart trap. Wrap the trap in a heavy blanket, leaving the door open so it resembles a cage and positioning the cage so you can see (from a distance) whether the door has been snapped shut.

We caught our skunks with fresh cut apples. When the door is shut, wrap the blanket around the whole cage and let them loose miles and miles and miles away from your home. When all your skunks are gone, throw the blanket away.

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Dian57 - How did you transport them away from the house? Didn't they spray your cars?

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Skunks usually won't spray if they can't see. That's why you cover the cage.

Just a FYI for ya. If your dog should ever get sprayed. Use black coffee (cooled of course) on him to get rid of the smell. Just good ole supermarket coffee, brewed. Let it cool poor it on the animal work it in a bit rinse. Bath if you like, and no more smell. Works a LOT better than tomato juice.

My fil had a skunk spray underneath his trailer. The smell was HORRENDOUS!!! I suggested he spray the coffee under the trailer. He used one of those little sprayers they use for gardening. The smell disappeared. It's amazing.

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I knew coffee took the smell of raw garlic off your hands but the skunk smell thing is a new one for me. Makes sense. I hope I remember it when the time comes that I really need it.

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Lots of people use moth balls to deter animals. BUT...they are lethal to small creatures. I hope you try a different method.

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Maybe you could have a skunk theme. I see a black and white color combo, maybe Pepe La Pew - now before I get flamed again - just kidding!

My question is why do you want to get married in a location that has such a problem? Even if you go to all the bother you will have to, to get rid of the skunks, you will never know until the actual wedding if you got them all- who wants that kind of uncertainty hanging over their heads? And if you missed one- well, that's all people will remember about your wedding.

And here's another thought- from the skunk's point of view - Your wedding will take a small part of one day or evening, but the home of these animals will be disturbed forever. Their family group will be killed or dispersed so humans can do something that could easily be done in a better location for all concerned. Have a heart, they'd do it for you.

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Well the wedding was last weekend in beautiful Newport RI. The wedding took place outside my wifes parents property that faces the water!! At one time it was owned by her grandparents so it has much sentimental meaning, thus we had the wedding there!! I will leave the story at that!! But one can only take the smell in ones yard EVERY morning!! Cheers

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Congratulations on your wedding and glad everything went smell - I mean well.

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Scarlett, you are hilarious with the skunk theme idea! That would be only for nature lovers!

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