How crass is it

lizmonsterAugust 28, 2004

to sell a wedding gift?

For our wedding two years ago, we received a lovely porcelain bowl from some friends of my parents (and of course sent a prompt thank-you note). It's a pretty thing that I could see many people enjoying; but it's not to our taste.

The odds of these people ever visiting us are vanishingly small; but somehow it feels a bit...I don't know, grabby and ungrateful, maybe? sell the thing.

So are we contemplating a big etiquette faux-pas, or not?



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Get rid of it! People exchange gifts all the time. Once it's given to you, you can do what you want with it. JMO!

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My mother had this friend who was a real big mouth and always bragging about things. For my wedding she gave us something silver in a box from a really classy local store. It was something I never would have used (I can't even recall what it was) and my mother simply said, "Return it and buy something you need."

Guess what? We went into that fancy store and it wasn't something they carried. I guess I was too young to be embarrassed and we brought it back home. The story really amused both my parents when I told them.

Sell your bowl. Or keep it and regift it later. It's only a bowl.

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I had a yard sale about a year after our wedding. Quick and easy, and since I live 500 miles away, no chance of getting caught.

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I agree with the others - a gift is a gift, do with it as you see fit.

When we were married, we received a Nambe bowl - a very shallow, teardrop-shaped thing in this highly polished silver metal material, very sleek and contemporary looking. Not at all my taste! But apparently it's very collectible stuff: when I finally decided to sell it after letting it sit in a cabinet for 5 years, I found an entire section of Nambe items on Ebay. I sold my bowl for $78! $:-)

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What did they want to give you? Something of value that you would like. They succeeded on one point, but not on the other. Sell it, and get something you would like, and they will have succeeded on both!

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Linda C

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It is absolutely fine for you to do whatever you want with YOUR bowl. It is nice of you to be concerned with their feelings, but it appears that there is virtually no chance of their visiting and noticing its absence.

If your conscience bothers you, donate it to a charity that is having an auction or rummage sale. I think that there are "virtual yard sales" on Ebay for political and charitable groups, too.

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Ok, I'm probably being a little paranoid here, but I might consider not selling this on E-Bay (although you'd probably get more money that way than at a local sale). The chances may be slim that these friends of your parents would visit you, but might they visit E-Bay?

I'm one of those people who tends to have a bit of bad luck and it would be just my luck if I sold something like this on E-Bay for those nice people who gave it to me to have decided that they'd like to give a bowl to someone just like that lovely one they gave a couple of years ago.


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you get a user name on ebay and it's doubtful that these people even remember the bowl they gave you. i agree that it is only a bowl and on top of that it's your bowl and you can do whatever you want with it...

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