Andersen window identification

Mike6916February 20, 2013

I was hoping someone could help me identify these windows. They are andersen, single pane glass, have the nylon cords on each side and plastic jamb liners on each side. they have the recessed lift handle and are wood sashes inside and out. I attached some pictures to help. I looked all over the internet and can only find how to identify newer andersen windows. I think the windows may be narroline from 1983, but not sure. The home was build around 1985 I believe and the windows seem original. I am looking at possibly getting the conversion kit if this window accepts them. I was looking at replacement windows but EVERY review I read said something different. One says certainteed are great, another says they suck...same with every brand!! Thank you for any help you could provide. I have a few pictures but could only upload one...I can email the other few if needed. This pic is a close up of the AW logo and numbers.

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I did more research and found that the XI may mean that it is actually double pane glass. It looks pretty thin, but I guess it could be double. I tried measuring the glass but it does not match the Andersen charts exactly. The width seems to be 32 1/2" or just a hair over that and the height is just about 24". One site said that he conversion was cheaper than getting new windows...the model I think it is showed the conversion kit at $439!!! it may be a model 3046.

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This is the Narroline Double Hung with clear I.G. made in Feb. 1983. The glass has no air spacer as the edges are fused together. It has a clockspring balance in the head jamb. Check with Andersen for replacement sash with an upgrade in glass or a sash replacement kit.

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Windows on Washington


The Narrowlines are actually pretty solid units.

Is there anything wrong with the windows? What is the impetus for the replacement? If you think you are going to save a bunch via energy, upgrade you insulation and do some air sealing first.

The Narrowlines tend to stay pretty darn air tight.

If they are just old and junked up, the sash replacements are an option as well.

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They are pretty solid and don't seem drafty. They were just old and we are getting the room ready for a nursery and were thinking about upgrading. Since there seems to be no quality replacement windows, we decided to keep these and clean them coat of paint, clean the glass well and replace the lock and handle with new white ones to dress it up. Going to put some grilles on them as well. Until I find a quality window, these will do just fine. Thanks for everyones help.

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Windows on Washington

I wouldn't cease your search because there no quality replacements out there. There certainly are great replacements out there.

The point of my inquiry was to make sure you were making the investment for the right reasons.

You will gain some efficiency but not as much as you think when going from double pane, to double pane with Low-e argon.

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Yep definately narrowlines. Andersen just stopped making them recently.

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