Introduction song??

agnesdAugust 16, 2004

Oh, Boy. I thought they had everything done. Another question. This is urgent. It's for Saturday. What are some songs that can be played when the B & G are introduced with the wedding party at the reception. Thanks a million. MOB

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Why not let the DJ or band leader pick the song? They can choose something upbeat yet will not overpower what is being said.

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Don't laugh...we chose the Rebel March from Star Wars...its totally us...
Do something that makes them comfortable, one of their favorite dancesongs or something.

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We are from Oklahoma and we had a simple country wedding. For our introduction song at the reception, we played "Should've been a cowboy" by Toby Keith

Goodluck!! Springbride04

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hrm. maybe i should be thinking of what i want mine to be... i hadn't even thought about that...

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