glass backsplash time.. deep breath

Bon22June 9, 2012

hello all.. I have many satined glass (and some) mosaic projects under my belt, but this backsplash has me a little nervous?

I was going to order some mesh from Delphi, then saw some suggestions here.. I am wondering if the fiberglass mesh at Depot will be sufficient for a backsplash?

any and all suggestions appreciated! I have learned a lot here and on the other GW forums :)

Here is a link that might be useful: backsplash in work

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* stained

We have antiqued Brown Leather around the perimeter and Blue Louise on the island (colors from backsplash).

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I can't answer your question but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the design you've come up with. Many artists here will chime in and help you along. Good luck!

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Thank you!!
I am excited, just a little nervous to start. want to make sure I am going to do it the right way....

anybody out there with suggestions??

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Sorry; I don't have the expertise to answer your quesetion, but I love the project and your colors! Hopefully someone else can help you. Please post a pic of the finished product.

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