agnesdAugust 16, 2004

Hi, DD wedding Saturday. What's the order of the processional? I think its, BM & Groomsmen, MOH & Bm, flowergirl, bride and father? Thanks. When is the MOB seated if she is not walking the bride down?

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The MOB is the last guest seated (if she does not walk with the Bride). The groomsmen can either walk with the bridesmaids or come in with the groom and just stand at the front before the processional. The order is usually: BMs (with or without GMs), MOH (with or without Best Man), Ring bearer, Flowergirl, Bride (with or without escort). Sometimes people have the ring bearer and flowergirl walk together, depending on their ages.

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The grandmothers are seated first, then step-mothers if there are any, then mother of the groom, and finally the mother of the bride just before the entrance order mentioned by AutumnBride.

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AFTER the MOB is seated, the attendants enter.

The MOB is supposed to keep a sharp eye out to the back, and stand just before the bride enters, thereby cueing all the other guests to stand.

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I wouldn't worry about cueing the other guests to stand or standing before the bride enters. This is usually cued by the person presiding over the ceremony. The MOB should be relaxed and not worry about those types of details - I wouldn't want you to be moving around trying to make sure that you and everyone else stands at the right moment. Most people know when it is time to stand. Before I entered the church, the organist started playing my processional, which cued the minister, who then raised her arms slightly to let the rest of the guests (who were not already standing) to rise to their feet. As the MOB you are a special guest - relax and enjoy the ceremony.

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