Need your opinion on shower stall

ArapahoAugust 23, 2014

We have a shower stall that is small - not quite 3' x 3'. It is totally enclosed with a door. Trying to figure out which tile to choose. House is traditional in style so thinking white or some variation of subway tile.

Would it be a mistake since that means a lot of grout lines? Would you use a darker grout?

The bathroom is currently painted BM Wythe Blue with white trim. I need to choose shower stall wall and floor tile and bathroom floor tile.

Thank you for your help!

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I don't think I would use the subway tiles. I do like neutral in small spaces but I think there is way too much grout and it is too busy for an enclosed small space. I think a neutral color, large tile with a groutless look (I don't remember what that is called but it has grout but looks like it does not) would look good. Just because you have blue does not mean you have to have white, does it? Could it be a cream color, a tan, a wheat, or even a grayish color? I do like a larger in a small space as there are fewer lines.

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If the grout blends with the white tile I don't think it would be too busy. Stall showers were tiled with 4x4 for decades and not many other formats.
Large tile would be fine too. But layout is EXTREMELY important and somewhat difficult with large format in a small space. The wrong layout could make it look smaller or be distracting.

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this would work too

Here is a link that might be useful: wall option

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This is what WAS there before the demo. The shower leaked and there is extensive damage behind walls and under threshold.

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There is a small shower in the Grange Tower Bridge hotel. The shower is a 1/4 circle with a 32" radius ( measured it). But it looks larger, partly because one wall is a mirror, and partly because of the large format tiles 10"x10".

Here is a link that might be useful: Grange Tower Bridge Hotel Photo: Shower... Clean, fresh bathroom

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My shower is about that size. We used white subway and light grout. I think dark grout would've made it too busy.

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The first thing that came in my mind was subway tiles wider that 4X4 maybe 4X8 or 4X16 and white. Less grout lines. Keep it light and bright. Love kew's floor!

My shower stall is a little larger we used 4X16 set stacked style. Are you planning on installing a ceiling light in the shower?

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patricia43, I agree that neutral would work as well. It is such a small space I was trying to keep it as light as possible. I'm interested in the "groutless" look - didn't know that was possible so thank you.

pal, less grout would be great but your point about how the larger tiles are laid out makes sense b/c it would be a couple large tiles and then cuts. I like the idea of light grout and even though I've been told grout today has additives to help prevent mold, I still wonder.

yaya, the solid glass walls are interesting! The links seem to be in the UK though, not US?

sue, thanks for the link. Not sure if I want mirrors but I imagine that would fool the eye!

kew, love your shower - looks great! Wondering how long you've had it and if you find the light grout hard to keep clean? The floor tiles are perfect. Is your bathroom floor tiled as well? Would love to see it!

jersey, yes will have an exhaust fan with light. Would love to see a pic of your shower - the stacked look gives such a nice clean, neat appearance. Thank you.

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kew2006, I have a couple questions!

Would you mind sharing the make of your tile, fixture and shower door?

Did you choose not to have an alcove? If so, how does the metal basket/tray work for you?

What did you use for a threshold?

You carried the subway tile outside the shower below the chair rail. Looks great! I'd so love to see more photos of your bathroom if you'd consider sharing. Thank you.

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Yayagal, thanks for the link to Wetwall. Any idea on pricing? Something similar available stateside? Large shower here & exploring solid surface rather than tile.

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Another here who likes larger tiles in small spaces, for ease of care & visual expansion. As far as placement, three 12" tiles would span each wall with the middle tile centered & each side tile cut equally to fit...

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IS there tile that is staying outside of the shower stall?

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Thanks! The bathroom was just finished in April. Here's a link to my reveal on the bathrooms forum. I didn't list all of the details of fixtures and such but I guess I should have. Maybe I'll update it.
The shower is in an alcove. My contractor made a custom pan so we could make it as large as possible. I think it is vinyl. I gained a few inches that way since I didn't have to use a standard size.
The shower fixture is a Hansgrohe raindance shower pipe. I purchased on Amazon. My shower door was custom from a local shower door company. The floor tile is a 1"x2" Calacatta Gold marble herringbone from a local tile store. The subway and trim pieces are American Olean starting line white from Lowes. This was the only white subway I found that was a warm white instead of a bright white. I thought the color worked better with my floor. The grout is antique white on the floor and white on the walls. I haven't had a problem keeping it clean, but it is still fairly new.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bath Reveal

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vasue, I couldn't find anything in USA for the Wetwall glass panels but maybe suero will come back and let us know.

mtn, I'm not sure about the floor tile. The green tiles are randomly placed throughout and the grout lines are very wide. I have been trying to see if that tile still exists but the PO did the remodel years ago so I'm not having much luck. Would you replace the floor? I value your opinion!

kew, you did a great job with your remodel! I didn't explain very well what I meant by alcove. I was referring the a cut out in the shower wall for shampoo, etc. I see you have a small metal cady - is that held up with suction cups and if so, I'm wondering how well it works?

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Thx! The baskets are screwed into the wall. I really like them. We didn't want to do a nook because the shower is on an outside wall. We could've put them on the shower head wall, but I thought it would be too busy.

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I don't understand the idea that small tiles mean too much grout for the space. If your space was twice the size, it would be twice as much grout. But somehow that's not too much grout?

If you're going with a larger tile, you need to be careful not to make it TOO big. If you have less than 2 or 3 full tiles per row, you're just highlighting the fact that the space is small.

In my shower which is about 32x32, I used 4x8 white tiles in a brick pattern, and I'm very happy with it.

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amberm145, a picture would be so helpful if you care to share. I would love to see your wall, shower floor and bathroom floor tiles if that's possible. Thank you. The concern with small tiles is that they create a lot of grout lines no matter what size the shower is.

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An elegant-looking drain is one of those little things usually ignored even in fancy bathroom remodels that I've always thought makes a big difference. I always avoid generic-looking drains; see this thread

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lee, your link is broken.

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oops, try this:

Here is a link that might be useful: Shower drains: do looks matter?

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