Can 'inexpensive' satin purses be dyed?

Glitter53August 24, 2004

I think this store (which, incidently, sells upscale satin purses) is blowing smoke: they said that inexpensive satin purses can't be dyed. That we had to get some that have a fabric swatch attached that says they can be dyed. I'm thinking of all the satin shoes over the years that have been dyed to match the b'maids dresses, and many weren't expensive! Anyone have any experience with this?


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I would be concerned that the thread would not dye the same as the fabric of the purse. Can you buy one and try it out first?

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I would also be concerned that the dye might "run." You definitely don't want the color to bleed onto the dress that it is being worn with.

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Hmmm...this doesn't sound too promising...I bought 3 purses for my DD's b'maids that weren't the $40 ones she was going to have to buy them....thought I'd done good ;-D
Perhaps a few calls to other dyeing places...I still think tons of inexpensive satin shoes over the years have been successfully dyed....Thanks for your suggestions and cautions...!

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You are right that lots of inexpensive shoes have been dyed. I remember one wedding where the lawn was damp from a brief rain storm and the bridemaid's shoes ran. They were walking around holding up their skirts so that they didn't get the dye on their hemlines.

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