Correct/best window Installation

xrayvisionFebruary 4, 2010

Thanks everyone for all of their help choosing windows (Marvin all Ultrex). I have also learned from this site that regardless of the windows, correct installation is just as if not more important.

We are removing the old windows but installing as New Construction. What is the best way to Install/Flash them to make sure my GC is doing it correctly (I know there are many ways to "skin a cat"). My friend is big on Dupont's Flex wrap line, is that something I should make sure my GC uses? I said that name in passing, but my GC didn't really seem to know the name... but asked if it was like some other stuff I can't remember.

We live in Sacramento CA (up to 110 summer and low 40s winter).


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Dupont's Tyvek product Flex Wrap, Grace Vycor, Henry's Blueskin are all examples of a good quality window wrap and i am sure there others these just came to my mind first. Just keep him away from regular plastic(they call it 12" black window poly) and you should be ok.

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So talked to GC, he says he uses a material call Jiffy Seal. Anyone have thoughts on this product?


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look fine to me, never heard of it until i Goggeled it.

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