Medicine cabinet face lift

mermaidmosaicsJune 30, 2008

We're painting our bathroom, which led to me deciding to tile a small backsplash for the sink, which got me buying a bunch of fantastic GLOW IN THE DARK tile from Maryland mosaics. You all gota get some, if you turn out the lights at n ight the tile glows, and is baby blue in the daytime...

so, to the rest of the story. Then as i was checking out all of the great tile Kathy has at Maryland mosaics I saw the Paua ceramic offcuts and had to have some.

the backsplash is yet to get ready, but I just had to give teh boring old wood medicine cabinet a facelift with the papua tiles and the glitter ones. .

Black grout is so messy. any body have any good ideas for keeping that stuff of the back of your work??

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Wow, that's just pretty as can be...and it GLOWS IN THE DARK. How cool is THAT?

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CUTE! Love the idea and may try to modify it to fit ours...50+ yr old houses have those nasty old metal ones. Thanx for the idea!


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Oooo, that turned out so pretty! I agree about black grout being messy, I have no tips about using it....maybe tape off what you don't want grouted first. Looking forward to seeing the glow-in-the-dark backsplash!

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Thats very pretty!!!! nice arrangement Mermaid. Use painters tape to mask

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Well, how pretty is THAT???!!! Hey, you know you can even put things inside and on the mirror also. NT did a famous mirror, just leaving a portion of the mirror free. Way to go, girlie.

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Thanks, Slow,mm. I have yet to try a GOG but mayyyyyyybbbbbbbbeeeee I could do a little test drive here, and around the mirror HMMMMMMMnnnnnnnn I'm thinking.......

Pat, isn't it fun how we see other designs and that gives us ideas of stuff we can do?? i have so many project ideas and just not enough time..
NT i used painters tape around the mirror when i was grouting but didn't think to try it all around to keep the nasty charcol from bleeding all over, even if it does eventually come off, well on most things..
Bought some new this weekend and that stuff is gold it is so expensive

Cindi, Gyspy andDaisy, yea i am really anxious to try the glow in the dark backsplash.. I LOVE That stuff. Hope i got everyone.

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Wow! That is very nice!

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lovely idea! hope i can create like that again. inspires me so much.

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