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sheilajoyce_gwAugust 31, 2005

We had a wonderful wedding for DD over two weeks ago. She is back from the honeymoon now and at work. Everyone said it was the best wedding that they had ever attended. We heard that so often, even from the staff, that we finally knew it to be true. Had a really fantastic band, and the dance floor was full all night. The plans were simple, and the few fluffs were apparent to no one but me.

We talked later about what had made this wedding so much more than perfect. I think there were a few elements. #1--Ambiance of the setting--overlooking the ocean and marina on the lawn of the hotel, we set up a fairyland reception area framed on 3 sides with white lattice 8 foot panels; the view was the open 4th side. We laced the "ceiling" with strings of little white lights, ran the lights up and down the lattice and in the hedge; then over the lattice and lights we hung white chiffon drapery. #2--An absolutely fantastic, jumping band. Everyone danced the whole night, and the band leader was great with the crowd too. #3-- The combinations of people at the table rounds worked out just great. They sat with their friends, and any new acquaintances worked well at each table. #4--Simple, simple approach. No bouqet toss to this crowd of young 30's, no garter toss, no receiving line, no favors, no frou-frou. #5 A Royal Table instead of a sweetheart table. More fun for the bridal party. #6--Everybody stayed positive and thoughtful. Lovely family to marry into, wonderful friends, people who liked having fun, absolutely the kindest, most delightful bridesmaids. And we took over a year to plan the wedding, so there was no hectic pace, ever. I worked to keep the bride calm for the year plus engagement, and she determined to have a year to plan from the expereinced advice of her friends. (Bride and groom live many, many hours away, so mom did all the leg work between visits and burned up the emails. Every visit home at the holidays and birthdays, we also did some wedding decisions so that she never had to make a special trip home with all that expense except for a dress fitting.)

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It all sounds wonderful. Congratulations! The simple approach that you mention is the trend today. Couples don't want to spend their time in a receiving line and they don't have many single friends to catch the bouquet or garter.

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Oh, it all sounds so terrific! I know we all wish we had been there. Congratulations to you on your daughter's marriage AND on the wonderful wedding you gave them.

I'm sure you're right about all the elements that made it so great. I think that in general, the thing that makes for a great wedding is when everyone is really happy and excited about the match -- no flies in the ointment. That will make the simplest food taste like a banquet and the most ordinary setting seem like fairyland (not that a gorgeous setting and meal aren't great, mind you!). And I think you are right about a great band -- if you can afford it, really good live music makes SUCH a difference. I would always arrange my budge to include it if possible -- I'd cut back on absolutely everything else first. No one goes home humming centerpieces or expensive gowns and makeup! The band makes the party (wedding reception or otherwise).

Please try to post pictures when you can. We want to see!!

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