froggy05August 10, 2004

I have a question for you ladies, I need some reccomendations...

So I'm looking at getting my makeup and hair done professionally( I've saved mony everywhere else and I want to be beautiful on my day). Would you gals reccommend a makeup artist, or a department store? If I do go either way how much is accepted to tip the person doing your makeup? This is soo hard. I do makeup pretty well on myslef but I figured for my wedding day I should probably have someone elase do it...any comments? Suggestions?



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If you have a Sephora, I would recommend it.

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I've had my make-up done in a couple department stores and had a make up artist do it also. I was never happy with the results. The make-up artist that did rveryone for my friends wedding did an excellent job and it had the added bonus of all of us being able to hang out at the house and do other things to get ready while other people's hair and make-up were being done. Due to finacial woes at the time I opted out of getting my make-up done (I still had my hair done). I did my make-up with some help from the bride and examining how the professional did the eyeshadow on a bridesmaid. Sorry, I'm rambling, it's very late for me.

My suggestion would be to have someone who can come to your house for convenience sake. And ask to see pictures of their work before you decide. Good luck.

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If you have the money, I recommend hiring a makeup artist. They are trained professionals who get paid for their services. You tip as you see fit, but I think 15% is customary (what you would tip a hairstylist). I wouldn't necessarily recommend having it done at your house. Although, it may be more convenient for you, it will cost you more money and there are several factors that may make it less optimal then if you went to the makeup artist - For one thing, if you go to the artist he/she will have all of the tools and makeup necessary and the best lighting and mirrors. The lighting that the artist has at their location will be better then the lighting you have at your home, so the results we be much better. Also, you will not have to pay the artist for travel time and on location costs, which can more than double the regular costs of going to him or her.

If you decide to use a makeup artist have a trial run a month before your big day. Just like a hairstylist, you will want to know how the makeup will appear - you two will be able to talk about the type of makeup she should use, the wedding location (indoors and outdoors will make a difference in the type of makeup she does for you), accessories, and other factors. You will also get to tell her what you like and don't like about what she does for you. I recommend going in the morning and wearing the makeup around all day long - just like you would on your wedding day. You can then tell her what you think over the phone or in person before the wedding. You can have your trial run with your hair the same day too, so you can know how you will look the day of. You will want to take some pictures of your hair and the makeup and see how it photographs. Don't be afraid to tell the makeup artist if you do not like something - any professional will be able to adapt their style to make you happy.

If you do not have the money for a professional makeup artist, go to a department store and talk to some of the people at the counter. Tell them that you would like to have a consultation with a trained makeup artist. I know that Trish McEvoy's line hires and trains artists who do not sell (make commission) off the products, they do makeup. You can do what you would do with the artist, but the department store artist will not need to be paid or tipped. Schedule a time on your wedding day to have your makeup done by the same artist. Just a caveat - if you go with a department store makeup artist, you will only be able to use their services during store hours (they may not open until 11 a.m. on the weekend), and the artist may have to stop and help others during your "appointment" - if you are in a time crunch this may make you more stressed out then necessary.

Also, when factoring the cost of either of the services you will need to also add the cost of purchasing items. You will probably want to buy the lipstick, lipgloss, and touch up powder they used on you. Have fun!

I hired a makeup artist and hair stylist for my wedding - it was the best money I spent that day - I was able to relax and know that I would look my best.

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Thanks for all the advice...Its so hard to plan for this when you live in one state and the wedding is in another state...i think I'm going to do my trials here in So. Dak and take the pictures back to CA when I need to...

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Where are you getting married in California? I am from the Bay Area, if you will be getting married in the Bay Area I can send you references...

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Does anyone know of a good make up artist in the New Haven Ct area?

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We are getting married in San Carlos, CA and the reception is in San Mateo. My parents live a bit more south, in Mtn View/Palo Alto if you can suggest places there I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks a bunch

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Hi Anne,

I do not live in the South Bay - I live in the East Bay and got married in San Francisco. I have a cousin who lives in San Jose, and she got married last year (had her makeup and hair done as well). She recommends the following:

Lisa Smith
5 Color Cowboy
1445 The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126
(408) 869-3542

Tiffany Geisler
Dolce Vita Day Spa & Salon
630 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 829-0142

They are both probably at least 15 minutes from where your parents' live. If you would like to have someone do you hair and/or makeup that is closer to where you will be, you may want to contact both of them and get recommendations for another hair stylist and/or makeup artist. Both places are full-service salons (you can get hair, makeup, nails, etc. done). I hope this is helpful!

Since you won't have time to do a trial run with anyone you use in California, you may want to have an over the phone consultation - send them a picture of you, tell them the length and texture of your hair, your skin type, and the look you are looking for for both hair and makeup. Send them photos of things you like. Be sure to tell them things you have to have (false eyelashes, etc.). You will also want to provide a photo of your dress (with you in it preferably), details about your veil, headpiece and accessories - provide more photos if you can. This will help them give you exactly what you want. Also, tell them about problem areas (maybe you have acne, a scar, birthmark, or something that makes you feel self-conscience - for instance, maybe you don't want all of your hair up b/c it makes you uncomfortable - or you have thin hair that goes limp) and also what you want to emphasize (your eyes, long neck, etc) - tell them everything so they can make you happy!

Best wishes,

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thanks for all the help. I'll definitelly look into those people you reccommended.


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Yes!! If you need services in Wedding, that too especially in hair and make up section, is giving a good service. It really simplifies finding affordable wedding photographers. I used it to find them for my daughter's wedding. Essentially, after I described what I needed on this site, I received several competitive bids from local wedding photographers. I liked the fact that I didnt have to call around and negotiate with each, and that they actually came to me.

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I highly recommend a make up artist. For whatever reason, not only do I and my daughter look much better when they do our make up, but it also stays on so very well all day long. We used a make up artist that our consultant at the hotel recommended, and she was employed by a major department store here in town. So we went to see her and have DDs make up done on a trial basis, she took notes as to what she used and what we liked, and DD bought the lipstick so she could touch it up during the evening of her wedding. We ended up hiring her to come to the location and do the bride and bridesmaids' makeup.

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