Fat Little Bird On A Stick

loribee2June 10, 2012

My latest. I sorta wish the wings were different, the the rebar isn't giving me many choices. I was hoping for shorter and fatter. Eh, that'll be a fix for the next one.

And I know this is a mosaic board, but I'm thinking about making him out of polished concrete. I've got to find the right concrete blend that will allow for polishing. I've also got some rust colored concrete stain. I was thinking about staining his belly and making him a robin. Mosaic eyes and beak. Leave the rest as polished concrete.

Anyone ever polish concrete?

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You need Nicethyme.

Here is a link that might be useful: Concrete sculpture

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Wow thanks for the link to the project!

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Looks like it is going to be great!!

A rusty belly? Could be an eastern bluebird too!! You've got options. LOL

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Oh, this is gonna be fun to watch. Yep - NT w/surely be your teacher on this. WACKY - you're so thoughtful - I'd forgotten about this tutorial.

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When I see what everybody is doing on this forum....I am starting to hang my head!!! ANOTHER Wanna Do Project!!! What fun this is looking like!!!!

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I appreciate the encouragement! And LOL, Calamity, I know the feeling.

I'm trying to come up with the best concrete mix that will offer a smooth finish and will respond to sanding. I think I'm going to make a sand mix using sifted sand, 1:1 sand/cement then add this Quikrete acrylic polymer admix that is supposed to do something important. Lots of artists have mixes that use fibers, stone dust, and all these other scientific sounding things, but I called all over the place today and couldn't find a solitary place to buy any of it. So I'll have to do without. Probably a good thing, since I always attempt to make things more complicated than they need to be!

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You and me both, LORI: I've looked all over for silica sand - even searched the net for places in Dallas to buy it, and it can't be found near me. That's what Riana suggested we use for the skim coat when we wanted to make a nice smooth finish. I've sifted my sand - play sand - and it doesn't help much. The pool filter sand is about the same too. Your idea of the 1 to 1 and the admix is a good idea. I used the admix too and when I made the sand casting of the Cana leaves for the birdbath. It makes a smoother consistency, and strengthens the concrete. Good luck.

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Fun project! I look forward to seeing the finished product.

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SLOW, I finally read enough concrete artists websites to strumble on this tidbit. You may already know this, but I didn't. I've been using regular sand to make my concrete. Apparently, play sand is finer. I went to Lowes this morning and sure enough, it really is a very soft, fine sand. They even referred to it as silica based sand. So I'm going to try using it for my bird. We'll see how it goes.

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loribee, and anyone else looking for the fiber additives, try going to a concrete company - I mean the ones that fill those huge cement trucks. Bet you could talk them into some of the fiberglass they use. Only prob I see is that the fibers kind of show - like on my concrete patio. Sanding should take care of that.

HTH. Rosie

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YES what Rosiew said, that is where you go, I just bought a bag for $16.

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Thanks for the info! I did find a concrete company that seemed to have lots of good polymer additives. Still can't find limestone dust, but eh, I think the play sand will get me farther than the regular sand I was using before.

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Have always used play sand. Sure wish I could find Silica. Limestone - that's what Riana uses too. Where I live, I just have to use what's available. You do such a good job on creting. Mr. Sea had a beautiful, smooth finish.

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