Help please....What to Wear?

pandanokeAugust 27, 2004

I am so clueless right now; I'd really appreciate any advice!

I will be attending a wedding the first weekend of November. It is a morning wedding (11 am), and will be taking place in New York. I have absolutely no idea what type of dress to get! If it was during the summer, I have plenty of "strappy" dresses that would be perfect, but it will be a bit cold for that...

Don't know if this will influence any advice, but I am in my twenties. Any visual aids would also be appreciated! Have I mentioned that I'm clueless? :)

Thanks in advance!-Amanda (LIGirlatHeart)

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Just get a regular dress that's not strappy. There must be some long-sleeved ones in the stores by then. What about a suit? There are some lovely ones these days that don't scream "IBM drone." Any length would be fine except you don't want to wear a gown-y-type dress - no floor-length gowns at a morning wedding, and nothing white!

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Or a sleeveless (not strappy) dress with a jacket. Consider a simple dress in a great color.

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I think a cashmere sweater or sweater set with a pretty skirt - maybe a satiny one - would be nice. has lots of great stuff.

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Is the wedding indoors or outdoors? Formal or casual? Is there a reception? What kind (sit down meal, cocktail party, casual picnic, etc.)?

This information will help us guide you.

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I always dress in a way where I can add or remove depending on whether I am freezing or sweating! So yes, get a dress or even a pants suit type thing, but have some sort of little dressy blazer/jacket, or sweater that you can put on....leave on if needed, or take off if it gets warm. Mall shopping is fine, but "Tarjay" and Walmart have nice things too.

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At every NYC wedding I attend, all the women are wearing black. But then, everytime I'm at any kind of function in the city, everyone wears black. Be different, be daring, be . . .dare I say it . . . colorful!!!!

But, most importantly, have a good time no matter what you wear.

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Thank you all so much for your advice!

Anita: The skirt/sweater idea never even occurred to me! I'll have to keep an eye out for something like that!

AutumnBride: The wedding itself will be indoors, in a large church; I don't think it will be casual. There is a reception following, but I'm not sure exactly what it will be. It's at a reception "hall", but I don't know if it will be a sit-down meal or just munchies.

I'm definitely still open for ideas!! Thanks again!

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I took a quick look at Chadwicks online, and found several things that would be appropriate, colorful, and inexpensive - only $39 each. The sleeveless ones can be worn with a sweater or jacket.

Go to the link below, and take a look at these item numbers:

2103-13390-1152 - Sheath

2105-07649-1043 - Halter

2105-02844-1154 - Knit suit

2105-04945-1154 - Willowy dress

Here is a link that might be useful: Chadwicks

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Do you have a Kohls or Fashion Bug? I've found that when I need a nice dress for something like this, these are the two stores that I've liked to shop at. Fashion Bug, while tailored more towards women your age, do have some pretty, classy dresses. I've also seen a few cute dresses at JC Penney's

Fashion Bug does have an online shop. I did a quick search for dresses. You may also want to check the Junior's dept. My daughter was in a fashion show there a few weeks ago, they had some really nice dressy tops & sweaters that can be paired with dress slacks. From memory, they had cute brown dress slacks that were really pretty with a pink top. Kohl's web site doesn't look like it has been updated with the fall line yet.

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Thank you all again for such wonderful ideas. I definitely know what styles to be looking for now.

Roselvr: I WISH I had a Kohls near me. I love that store, and the only time I get to go is when I'm home in NY. I've even written to the company, and asked them to open a store here :)


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Yeah, my daughter loves it too. We get her sneakers on sale there. Sales are awesome! At least they have a web site, so now you can order online. Wonder if the sales are good there too?

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You mentioned that the wedding will be in a church. If you choose something "strappy," as you mentioned you might, definitely bring a shawl, jacket, or sweater to cover your shoulders during the ceremony.

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You really have a lot of options. With the wedding being in New York, you could easily get away with a nice black dress, but I agree that it would be nice to wear some color. You could wear a nice skirt suit, which is always appropriate at a church wedding. They come in many youthful styles. Some come with matching tank style tops for when you remove the jacket. You would look very chic and elegant. Also, any nice dresses would be very appropriate. Gellchom is right, if you decide to wear something "strappy" just bring a shawl, sweater, or jacket - some churches require that a woman's shoulders be covered inside a sacred area. Also, churches can get drafty, so you might want one just for comfort.

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The thing about black --

It seems like almost everyone wears black party dresses to evening weddings (probably in part because it's really hard to find party clothes in any other color). I guess it isn't a "problem" because there is no way a dressy party dress is going to seem like mourning clothing, despite its color (which is why there was the "rule" against wearing black to a wedding in the first place).

But you are going to a daytime wedding. You definitely don't want to wear evening clothes (evening fabrics or trims, floor-length, low-cut, etc.) of any color to any daytime event, and that includes formal weddings. My rule of thumb about black for weddings is that if I could wear it to a funeral, it's not appropriate for a wedding (similar for white or off-white: if it is something a bride could conceivably choose, then I wouldn't wear it as a guest). It is pretty hard to think of a black daytime dress that you couldn't wear to a funeral, except maybe a sundress, and even then you could probably wear a solid black sundress to a funeral if you put a jacket or cardigan over it. So I think that for this wedding, I would avoid solid black. A print on black, or a solid black skirt or pants with a colored top, would be fine, though, in my opinion.

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What would you wear to an "elegant casual" wedding to be held on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay?? Men have been told that tie and jacket are not required.

I'm at a loss. I'll be in the family photos so I've got to get it right.


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Pam, I'd wear a long floaty dress or skirt with a pretty top and maybe a shawl. And sandals or even pretty flip flops.

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