coloring cement

bevinpaJune 17, 2008

Can anyone tell me where you buy the color additive for stepping stones. I know you can use paint but I think you would get truer color with the additive. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks bevinpa

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Bev, I just replenished my colorant selection from Maryland Mosaics. I originally bought the whole set at Delphi

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I also bought the colorants from Delphi, but won't be doing that again cuz I won't ever use most of the colors. I recently bought a bottle of charcoal liquid cement colorant from Lowes. It's Quickcrete brand and is a 10-oz bottle. Haven't tried it yet. They had three/four other colors - terra cotta, beige and ???? Google for colorants, BEV, cuz there's several options, Tints All being one of them. There are several sites w/grout colorants, which, I'm sure, w/work in cement.

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Thanks so much will check these out, you gals always come through. bevinpa

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Bev, I bought some of the colorants on Ebay when I was just starting out, so you might want to check there too.

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Hi Bev. I have heard or read somewhere, on GW I think actually, that TINTSALL is the only brand that won't fade over time. I found I could order it from the local True Valu store, though I haven't done so.

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I believe I was the one who posted that note re the TintsAll. A mosaic artist told me that. Here's the link.

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