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darrahJune 1, 2010

Someone from the "kitchens" forum suggested I post my question here. So will give it a try:

I want to hang a tile mural over my kitchen sink as I don't have a window. Only I want to be able to change it out so I don't get tired of looking at the same mural all the time. The trick will be making it look like it is a permanent mural surrounded by tile.

I had thought of creating a recessed area surrounded by tile and hanging a tiled mural framed with braided tile trim inside the recessed area, making sure the trim only comes out a ways from the surrounding tile.

My question is, do you think something like that is possible? How would I attach it to the wall in a way that will be easy to take down when I want to change to another mural? Maybe it can't be done, I'm not sure. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Sorry about the second post, I didn't think it went thru.

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