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jessica12February 20, 2011

I just spent a lot of money on Jeld-Wen french doors with a stationary french door on each side. So that is 4 full size windows/doors. I have a home air infiltration problem which causes high humidity levels in the summer so I wanted these doors to be very tight. I was sure this would help my problem, but I was wrong. During cold days I can feel cold air come in at the seams (certain areas between the door and the molding). Not all the seams -- just some of them. My installer said that is because my house is old and the opening wasn't square. My house was built in 1979. I am female and I think that he is trying to take advantage and is not telling me the truth. My guess is that he didn't install the doors correctly. What do you think???? I don't want to accuse him inappropriately. If he didn't install the doors correctly can I make him come back and correct the error --- he works for the company that sold me the doors - he was the salesman who earned the commission. However, the company doesn't install, so he did it on the side. Any suggestions you can offer me will be very much appreciated.

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The door could be "technically" installed properly but the connection between the home and the door may not have been properly addressed.

If that connection between the home and the door was not properly sealed, it will leak air regardless.

That seam, behind the trim, needs to be properly sealed.

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