Wanted to share my DIL2B's something old

Vickey__MNAugust 3, 2007

I posted this (OK someone posted the picture for me) on the KT forum, but wanted to show it here to. Here is what my DIL2B is getting for her "something old"

The satin and lace on the edges is made from scraps of material from my dress.

SIL did the embroidery on her sewing machine.

The two leaf shapes of lace are from my Mom's wedding dress (she died 3 years ago) , and the lace on top is from my paternal grandma's wedding dress.

My DSis put those on for me. She did the sewing with maternal Grandma's sewing machine!

DIL is getting something that has all of my side represented at her wedding!

Isn't it beautiful! She has no idea what she's getting for "something old", just that I'm taking care of it!

Oh and some "fun facts" There is 50 years between me and my paternal grand parents wedding, and 50 years between my son and his maternal grandparents wedding!

My sister made a story to go with the hanky as to who did what etc. It is great!

I want to put this in a picture frame for her after the wedding with pictures of all the brides in their dresses that are represented in the hanky!.


Here is a link that might be useful: DIL2B's something old

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Vickey, it's absolutely wonderful. Your daughter in law is really, really lucky.

I think you'd better give it to her well before the wedding. If you give it to her then, she is sure to cry and ruin her makeup!


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They are getting married the 24th of this month. We're (my sister, sister-in-law and I) giving it to her on SUnday (8/5)at her bridal shower, for the very reason you stated gellchom!


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That is really special.

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