Storm Windows (Mon-Ray?) to fix my Pella Noise Problem?

metzgemFebruary 17, 2010

I recently purchased Pella Achitect windows for my house. Having read this forum recently I know there are many Pella skeptics out there, but they are in now, so what's done is done! These replaced 25 year old builder's windows with storm windows. I live near a busy street and now the street noise, which I didn't hear too much before is almost unbearable. The Pella rep looked into the situation and told me that there isn't much Pella can do about it, short of pulling out the windows and putting in huricane windows, at significant cost to me.

Now I'm looking into installing storm windows and trying not to make another mistake. I'm considering three options: 1) Man-Ray Storm windws (either 3/16 inch clear glass or 1/8 inch lamintated glass). 2) Some time of "sound proof" interior window (from soundproofwindow or citiquite) 3) some kind of interior storm window. Does anyone know anything about Man-Ray products? There are very few references to it that I can find on the web. Any other suggestions you have would be very welcome.


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The contractor I am using to restore my bungalow is known for his fussy detail focus and he recommends Mon-Ray storm windows. I haven't decided yet whether they are worth the extra cost over storm windows that are produced here locally.


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Metzgem, before I can be of possible help, I need more info to understand your noise-transmission issues. Basically what was the style/format and frame material of your old builder's windows, were they single or double pane, and other details of the glass (if you know them), such as thickness, was after-market film applied, etc.

With the original windows, did you have the storm windows in place year round? Glass, acrylic, or soft film? How/where did they attach? Did the storm windows contribute much to the sound damping you enjoyed?

Also need these details on your Pellas.

I agree that you need to make a careful and informed choice; i.e. a supplementary window system that is, say, too tightly "mated" with your Pellas might just continue to pass the sound through, much like stacking a skillet within another skillet, and expecting that banging on the one skillet with a spoon will result in the sound being dampened by the second skillet.

Whatever solution you arrive at, hopefully you won't need it on more than one or two faces of your home.

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