Sliding Doors w/blind between glass

lexiegirlFebruary 27, 2006

I need to replace my sliding glass doors and have been looking at everything available. I really like the Pella Designer Series that you can put blinds/shades between the glass. Does anyone have any experience with these? The only other company that does this is a local company (don't remember door mfg name) but the door is not near as attractive. Any comments on these would be great.

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Had them in my old house about 20 years, loved them. I am now pricing them for my condo. I need one 4' slider and two 4' stationary windows. I will get the blindsthey were great. They have improved the system so they are even better then they were. Any questions I would be glad to help.

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Hi Denise,

Thanks for the response. I've read some negative remarks and that's why I posted my question. I love the idea of having the blinds between the windows. Since the inside window part is removable so they can be changed...does this affect the insulation value of double pane? Did you ever have trouble with the mechanism that opens/closes the blinds?

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After 20 years one of the four windows that I had striped but the sliding doors had no problem but now they have changed the way they work. They now have a slide what I had was a nob. I only had a double pane glass and had no problem. I also had anderson windows but felt the pella were warmer. I am now looking into the 3 pane glass. I am still confused with the glazing.

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Pella has by far one of the best gliding patio doors on the market today. We put them in daily and have never had any issues with them in years. They had some problems back about five years ago with the way they were panning their doors. They've since changed the design and eliminated their issues. Good Luck!!!

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I've sent my dh to the Pella store to check out the slider with blinds. The one I want runs approx $3k (without install) and the interior wood unpainted. He is also having 84 lumber check out a price as well. My brother can help install so that's not a problem. The flip side is I can get "other" sliders installed for less that $2.5k. I feel better though with "guy exterior man" comment and Denise's good experience as well. I'll let you know how it turns out!

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Replaced 2 Andersen sliders with "blinds in glass" Pella sliders. Was worth every penny. $4500.00 each stained and installed.

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I have someone coming out to give me an estimate on the Pella sliders with blinds in glass. I think I'm already sold!

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i have 7 casements with the blinds. after installation i was upset because i couldnt get them to work properly. after the service tech came out, i realized it just needed a small adjustment and now they work GREAT! good luck.

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I really like this and want to get them for the windows and the 3 sets of double French doors for the house we are building. I am bracing myself for the price but just love the idea.

Lexiegirl -- what did you read negative about them and where did you read it?

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The negative comments are out there everywhere. But almost all of them are from a few years ago, when there were issues with the cords and stuff breaking, and not being serviceable. Pella has made many changes to the line, and has improved them quite a bit.
While I'd challenge the "best gliding door on the market" claim, (I'm an Andersen man personally), they do make a high quality product. Be sure to follow the installation and finishing instructions very carefully, as that is the key to lasting quality.
The triple pane is a nice addition, giving you a thin insualted glass on the outside, then the cavity for the blinds/shades, then a removeable pane on the interior, giveing good thermal performance. The only down side, really, is the added weight per panel which can wear out hardware, i.e. rollers. That, and they carry a hefty price. But if you have young kids, or pets, the extra cost may be worth it.

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looking to replace 4 large windows that are side by side. i think that two sets of the glass slinding door with the blinds inside would work better for me. can you send me a price of the company the windows would be made by and the cost of each door

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