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texaswildJune 11, 2008

Made this three-block pedestal for a friend's garden. She shared some of her plants w/me, so this is in thanks. Feels strange to be mosaicing again after working in my gardens for so many weeks.


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Glad you are back at it!! I love those (it)!!

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Glad to see you back! LOVE that pedestal. I REALLY like the side with the yellow petals and the black and white checks! I don't know what kind of plants she gave you, but I'd say she got the better end of that deal. Lucky her!

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Slow, glad you're back. What a sweet thing to do. Maybe your friend had an ulterior motive in giving you plants, she just KNEW you would want to give her a beautiful mosaic. LOL.

Anyway, she is a lucky friend. I love that, just like all of your work, or as you say, play.. Is that made from concrete blocks?? or what?? I am sure she will be thrilled with her gift.

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Slow,what a wonderful gift for your friend. Isn't it special to be able to give something like that in return for a sweet favor? I love that you did that. I love the piece. Everything you do seems to be special.

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Wonderful Slow! She'll love it I'm sure. When you use thinset like that does it also make the blocks adhere to each other so it's one piece? Did you add black paint to your thinset? I see you used footers also. I just have to try this!!! So glad you are back, lurking is fun but YOU make my day when you post! :) I FINALLY did my albums for the "junk" side. You can see my first mosaic.

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'mornin' y'all. Glad to be back in the playground. Still working in the gardens in early mornings - mowing today. Thanks for the compliments we all can depend on here. Y'all make me feel good inside. Those are the regular cinder blocks/concrete blocks. These are the half blocks, and cost all of $1.76 at Lowes. The double blocks are nice too, and I've come to love mosaicing these blocks for different heights for pot pedestals. The grout is sorta old - got it from the tile store - brand is Hydroment, and is a real dark green - almost black and I can't remember the name of it. The blocks aren't adhered, so you can change them around. Three doubles make a nice little tower - mix/match. GOTTATRY - welcome - haven't seen you here b/f. Gonna check out the junk side to see your mosaic. Post it here too, girlie. My friend came to pick up the pedestal yesterday evening, (she loved it) and brought me another plant - gotta get it in the ground today, along w/mowing, trimming, edging **sigh** making me too tired to mosaic today.

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How beautiful and how lucky your friend is. And I see you used the back of plates too, how creative. I love the lip of the plate incorporated into a relief for the edge of the flower. What a good idea to keep the blocks separate so they can be easily moved and mixed and matched. The pedastal is so happy looking with all the bright colors. What a wonderful job.

I couldn't help but notice the box below in your album - that is lovely too - what did you use for the base?

Do you put sealer on your outdoor pieces? I was just wondering if the block would absorb water and freeze in cold weather and cause the mosaic pieces to pop off?

Happy gardening, got lots to do in my own garden too, so I know what you mean - makes me tired as well, especially this time of year with the heat.

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Lovely Slow! You are The Block Queen!!! heh heh!!!

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How clever!
I like the idea that you do not adhere the blocks together!
I poked around in your pictures and I love Forever Friends!
Shes a cutie!
Great stuff.

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I re-read your comments, and see I need to respond to a coupla questions. SPRING - the box in the "gift" album was one from HobLob - unfinished. I seal only because I like the glossy look of the grout. Have only begun sealing everything recently. IMO - sealing isn't for waterproofing - it's only for a stain barrier, or in my case, to change the grout from dull and flat to glossy. The thinset is cementious onto a cement block, so in TX, it won't freeze/thaw/fall off. Re sealing, if you've ever done a kitchen counter in tiles, you know it needs resealing every year to avoid stains. I'm too lazy to do that, so I spray mine w/bleach pretty often to keep it white.

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OH LOOKY THERE! Slow IS BACK! very cool designs there use of footers etc - you're inspiring me to try that one day.

I love it, great combinations of colors

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Hey SLOWYADOWN (yeah, right)! I've missed you! Love the blocks,and really like the mix and match idea!

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Really great block idea and design

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Thanks, y'all. I was talking w/FLAGTRUCK yesterday, and we discussed, in a hurry - as I was on my way to another town, how you could either stuff the holes on the double ones w/dirt and fill w/posies or succulents. You could also cover the holes w/the wire mesh/concrete technique for a four-sided mosaiced tower. OR you could lay them holes sides up for a rectangular tower w/four sides. The single blocks have the holes on top. You could either plant in them or stack for a pot pedestal.

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