HELP! I think my windows were installed backwards!

desertwestFebruary 13, 2011

I had 12 Milgard fiberglass windows installed over the last 3 months. I can't believe all the problems they had but that is another story.

4 were picture windows. The 2 sides are different. On once side the window is more flush with the frame. On the other side the window is inset about 1.5". On 3 of my windows the flush side is on the INSIDE.

I have photos I can provide. 2 questions:

1. Does anyone know which is the right way? Should the flush side be inside or outside?

2. If they are backwards, does it matter in terms of integrity of the window? In other words is one side built more weather resistant than the other?

The 4th window is the biggest and the flush side is outside. It actually has a 2.5" inset on the INSIDE. It is double pane and the other 3 are triple which might explain the inset width difference.

Thanks for any help!

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OK - I have learned my windows were not installed backwards. I have had so many issues with this order and install, I'm being a bit paranoid. So far I like the product and have had no issues with that, but the sales rep and company have made 4 mistakes on my order from the wrong size to missing grids to non-matching grid patterns. My windows were supposed to be installed by Thanksgiving and now it may not all be fixed until March. But I still like the product.

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