Who makes a quality slim profile frame?

carnivoreFebruary 15, 2012

I'd like to put two oriole-style double-hung windows, with the top sash taller than the bottom, mulled together into the back wall of our kitchen overlooking the garden. We're cutting a new opening 60"W x 70"H for this so we'll be using new-construction windows.

To minimize the obstructed view between the two windows I've been looking for models with slim profile frames. Alside makes one, the new-construction equivalent of their Excalibur replacement window, but I understand Alside makes an average quality window at best and I'd like to go with something better.

Okna and Gorell would top my list but I don't see slim profile frame options from them (unless I'm just missing them). I suppose I could step up to a fiberglass window but I think the price really jumps doesn't it?

Any suggestions for a good quality brand/model with a thin profile frame? This in in northern New Jersey.

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Sunrise makes a very thin profile also. Probably the slimmist avaiable.

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i would look at the Okna " enviro-star " as well.. that is a slim frame and probably one of the most energy efficient windows available.. very nice looking window.

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I'm waiting on a call back from an Okna rep but I think the Enviro-Star is a replacement window. The DH5500 is their new construction window so that's what I would need. I'm not sure if it can be configured with a slim frame but I will ask, assuming anyone calls me back.

I also called Sunrise but all of these window companies act so evasive when you ask them who the nearest dealers are it's pretty offputting. Nobody is willing to give a straight answer, the receptionist promises a salesman will call back and of course he doesn't. No wonder everyone goes to Home Depot.

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Perhaps the receptionist you spoke to can't recall every dealer, their address and their phone number in every city in the country. Perhaps she needed to get some information from you so they could forward your request to the factory rep who handles that region. Perhaps when you called, the factory rep for your area was in a meeting and wasn't able to fall all over himself to get back to you when you snapped your fingers and demanded an immediate answer.

Perhaps it would be best for you to go to HD and buy a crappy window. That'll show those window salesmen how important you are.

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Is that how you speak to all your customers, skydawggy? I made a perfectly valid observation and it's not like I directed my comment at you whatsoever. Way to represent your industry.

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To the ones who think they are the only customer we have and demand we stop what we are doing, ignore our other customers and immediately pay attention to them? Yes, I do let them know we will take care of them as soon as we have time. If it's something so important that it can't wait, we speak to them immediately. Your request for information on a dealer is not considered an emergency and I'm sure they will get back to you sometime today. That the receptionist wasn't able to help you on the spot does not mean they don't care or want your business.

In the meantime, have you tried googling the window brand you are interested in and the area you are located in? That's usually more productive if you can't wait a few hours for someone to get back to you.

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Getting back on track, if anyone else has thoughts regarding my original question I'd still love to hear them. Thanks all.

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All Aluminum windows will allow for a thinner frame and smaller sightlines. I would recommend looking into a commercial type of window possibly a Traco (owned now by Kawneer), Efco (a Pella owned company) to name a few. You can try Google and just type in commercial aluminum double hungs in NJ or NY and start that way. I personally would stay away from Crystal, Champion and companies along those lines. Of course you will be hard pressed to get the energy ratings form this type of window as commercial type windows are generally not as good a performing window as vinyl, wood or aluminum clad wood. If money is not an issue you may also look into Steel windows by Bliss Nor or Hopes which would also have very thin sight lines.

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Windows on Washington


Where is the home located?

Aluminum and Steel will always be the slimmest. Next will be Fiberglass (on average).

Sunrise and Okna have some really thin lines. Soft-Lite (Bainbridge) is also a narrow profile.

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