Flowers for an October wedding

BridejennaAugust 1, 2014

Hi everyone!

I'll be getting married next year and I would like to know what are the best flowers for my wedding which will be happening in October. We haven't come up with a theme yet so any suggestion is highly appreciated!


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It always saves money to choose flowers that are in season. It also feels right; tulips in November don't feel as right as tulips in spring.

What that means will depend on where you are. Here in Ohio, it's the beginning of autumn. Chyrsanthemums, asters, and sedum are in bloom. Colored autumn leaves are beautiful here, too.

Are you using a florist? Ask them for suggestions. My best advice is to tell the florist the budget, then let them tell you what is the best thing they can do for that money.

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This is the perfect time to interview florists, and visit several and ask for ideas that are within your budget. Where you are will determine what's available, but each florist will have different ideas,

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Fall flowers are very easy - don't try to invent the wheel yourself, get a good florist. It doesn't have to be expensive.

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Thanks for the replies!

@gellchom - I'm in Cali and I wouldn't mind having Chrysanths on our wedding. I love those! :)

@sushipup and scarlett2001- You're right and I don't want to be overwhelmed by flower planning. Perhaps talking to 3 florists would work?

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Definitely talk to several florists. Go into each with your budget, the venue and time/date, and ask for a rough idea. No one would expect you to NOT interview several florists.

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Have you picked your venue yet? Many venues decorate for the seasons and you can get a free ride in the areas you may be using. For example, my daughter got married in December and the room in which we held the pre-dinner cocktail hour was decked out in candles and garlands. But if it had been in the fall, the venue would have likewise decorated. Also I think the style or feel of the venue/time of day helps sway the flower selections. I think determining a theme first would be preferable.

For the dining room, My daughter went online and bought inexpensive but beautiful candle stands and pillar candles. Then all that was required was baby's breath surrounding them. And the candle stands and candles went home with selected guests.

My daughter found a picture of bouquets in Martha Stewart Living that she loved but would have been pricey. We brought the picture to the florist to show them her vision. They were able to recreate the look by using less expensive elements.

When the cake was delivered to the venue and placed on the serving table, the florist had reserved baby's breath and some other flowers (same as in bouquets) and placed it around the base of the cake. Very inexpensive yet effective.

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