Mailing cake?

grace3August 1, 2004

DD's & DSIL's first anniversary is coming up in 3 weeks. I have their top cake tier in my freezer. Back in June when they moved they didn't take it with them because it just wasn't practical, and because we thought that *someone* from his family or ours would be visiting them before their anniversary.

But now it looks like that won't be happening, and so I'm trying to figure out how to mail the cake to them so that they can have it on their anniversary.

Any suggestions as far as packaging, mailing methods, etc?

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There is no really good way to mail a year-old cake and have it still be edible when received (that is one reason that most couples eat the top layer on their one month anniversary rather than waiting a year). You might carefully wrap the frozen cake in aluminum foil and plastic wrap, then place it in a well-padded box and send it for overnight delivery. However, if it is very warm where they live or no one is home to receive the cake when it is delivered, it could still be a disaster when received.

An option is to contact a bakery where your daughter lives and ask them to make a small cake as a surprise from you. That way, they are insured of having a quality cake for their anniversary.

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Actually, I guess I'm not so concerned about it being a year old...DS & DDIL had their first anniversary in March, and found their frozen-for-a-year cake to be fine.

Packaging methods and such was what I was mostly wondering about. How do those mail-order companies that sell cakes and such ship their products?

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I have never mailed anything like a wedding cake, but my family receives food (including cheesecakes) from my uncle in New York all the time (we live in California). They usually arrive in a small (but sturdy - double-layered) cardboard box. Inside, the box is reinforced in the corners, so a round cake wouldn't shift around during shipment. The cake is wrapped in plastic. The small box will be inside a larger box filled with styrafoam (sp?). The cheesecake also had ice packs or dry ice to keep it cold (v. useful when shipping anything perishable. This is how it was shipped by the bakery/store/deli. It was always sent over night air.

I hope this was helpful! Good luck sending the cake!

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I'd talk to the folks at Mailboxes Etc or other shipping company like that. Tell them you want them to package and ship the cake. It is currently frozen. Would it be best to give it to them in the frozen state or thawed out? I don't know how well it would do in shipping, but they would likely have the best chance.

I rather suspect it won't do as well as cakes from mail order cake places manage. Their cakes and frostings are probably built/designed/cooked with the thought of how well it will ship. There was likely no thought of shipping when the wedding cake was designed.

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Duckie is right in thinking that cakes offered from mail order places are made differently. One thing they include is preservatives to keep the icing from turning rancid and the cake from molding during shipment.

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions and thoughts. If we decide to try this, I will definitely be doing it overnight, and I had thought about the dry ice option, so may give that a try. But we still haven't decided if we gonna even try. We still have a little bit of time to decide.

Thanks again.

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OK, here are my thoughts.

It's currently well-wrapped in plastic, right? Don't unwrap it.

It'll hold up better if it's frozen for most of its trip. And especially if it's still frozen when you pack it up.

Even going overnight, it'll be thawed out when it's delivered. So it might be nice if you could find or make a box it will fit in very snugly, so your DD can pick it up w/o squishing it. Then put that box in a bigger one so the jostling is minimized.

FedEx offices here in my city are many of them open until 9. If you drop off a package at ANY time of day, it goes to their hub that night, gets sorted, and is flown out in the very early a.m. of the next day. So if you drop it off at 8am, it gets to its destination city at the same time as if you drop it off at 9pm.

Find a FedEx office you can go to in the evening, and package the cake immediately before you leave to go there, planning to arrive about 1/2 hour before closing time. Then during most of its travel time, AND DURING THE HIGH-HANDLING TIME of packing it, it'll be frozen. They'll want to eat it the next evening anyway, so it's not like it's important to freeze it for several days.

You could also find out what it takes to get FedEx to do a "this side up" treatment.

Even if they don't want to eat it, it might be fun (& funny) to send it to them. But then, I'm the woman who FedEx'd pumpkin bread to my aunt's house to get it there in time for Christmas Eve.

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