Motorized solar shades

lauren17February 13, 2012

Does anyone have any experience with these? I have a large 9x6 foot window in my great room that lets in a lot of heat during the summer. I need a motorized shade as the window is situated on the upper level of the 2 story room. Sun setter seems to be the only player in the market and they are quite pricey. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Skandia, Ortega all make shades of these types. You can't buy direct, you have to get them through a dealer.

Motors typically start around $200 and go up from there depending on shade type, size and wheight.

at 9' you will probably need a direct power motor due to the weight. But that also depends on the fabric an height.

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I bought the non-motorized SilverScreen shades for our lake place and I LOVE THEM. You can still see out beautifully, even at 5% weave, and the silver backing totally reflects and traps the heat between the screen and the window. We even had the stuff made into a screen for our big skylight and it's made a huge difference.

Just google motorized solar shades and you'll find several dealers. I know North and Blinds Chalet are good but I'm sure there's others.

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Not sure I like the whole aluminum over PVC shades. The PVC used to make shades is low quality and the aluminum heats it up.

Just my opinion though.

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I appreciate the replies very much. Sorry I didn't make it clear in my original post that I am interested in exterior shades. They seem to be more energy efficient as the heat would be blocked from coming into the house to begin with. Also, I have several first floor windows in the great room that already have window treatments which I wouldn't be able to match. I am getting quotes from Insoroll, Sunsetter/Somfy and North Solar Screen....anyone have dealings with any of these outfits?

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really its about who you think will build the best quality. There are ton of fly by night outfits on the web.

For exterior, I might check out South West Sun Control ( I think).

They use Phipher and Vertilux, along with Somfy motors.

I don't use them anymore (because I have a closer dealer), but when I did buy from them, their outdoor products were fantastic.

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I have used Bali Solar Screens for my clients and they love them. I am not sure if they will make them that big. You might have to go with something for more commercial use which usually means big bucks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bali Solar Screens and Shades

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