I went to the most unique wedding last week.

pondgalAugust 24, 2004

We went to the most unique wedding last week. The couple had met at a gun club, and they are both archery hunters. So they got married in a tree stand in the woods, at the gun club.

The grooms attire was a camoflauge vest, and pants, with a white shirt, and camo bow tie.

The bride wore a gown of camo material with a simple white veil with autum leaves on it.

The groomsmen had white shirts, camo boxties, with camo cumberbunds, and khaki pants.

The ringbearer was their Golden Retriever who had a camo vest on.

The flower girl (only 17 months old) had on a little sundress made out of camo with a camo hat, and carried a basket of acorns. She was sooooo precious.

The reception was an inside pig roast. The pig was roasted outside of course, and they had all the fixings for a picnic type reception.

The attire for the guests. Whatever you wanted. Most wore just Tshirts, jeans/shorts/ tennis shoes.

The cake was 5 single cakes, with the middle one raised. They were a camo green with the middle one having a pair of deer for a topper. The stands were ceramic type deer antlers, she found in a catalog.

The napkin rings were made from toiet tubes, decorated with tissue paper, and silk autum leaves. BEAUTIFUL!!!

I tell you we had more fun at this wedding then we did our own dd's 9 months ago. LOL Totally informal LOVED it. Almost makes me want to get married again. :-)

I'd post a pic,but don't know how to?

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How wonderful when the couple's personalities dictate the wedding and not some disembodied wedding guru! Sounds like it was a blast...relaxed....and no one took "rules" too seriously. I've done many weddings, and I shuddered when I had one of 'those' brides who just HAD to have everything matchy-matchy, detailed and done 'right'. I'm reminded of the movie, "Betsy's Wedding", where her Mother says that the other parents' would plan a wedding with no personality...that they didn't even know their ethnic roots! haha! Runny mashed potatoes when what you really want is a smorgasbord!

I enjoyed reading your post! ;-D

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It sounds like lots of fun and totally suited to the couple - my kind of wedding.

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It was a really good time for all. I was in a hurry when I posted before. I forgot the bridesmaids. LOL

They had on long dresses, that were various shades of green,but not camo,but the same shades of green as camo. and carried bouquests of autum leaves, and branches. And the brides bouquet was of autum leaves and branches as well, only bigger.

First wedding (and probably last) one that we had to bat away the mosquitos. LOL

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