Home Depot instead of registry?

havnablastAugust 11, 2005

A friend of mine has asked me to help her with the wording of a note she'd like to include with her wedding invitations, that would let people know she is not registered anywhere, but that she and her fiance would like to receive Home Depot gift cards instead. I'm having a hard to coming up with anything that doesn't sound tacky. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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I think word-of-mouth might be the best form of communication on this. Undoubtedly, people will ask, and you may want to inform close family and friends that if asked, a gift card from HD would be just great.

Some people, however, do not like giving money or gift cards. They may think it's impersonable or that they don't want the bride/groom to know exactly how much they spent,--- there are many reasons. Do expect some gifts; realistically, not everyone is going to give money or gift cards. I'm not saying it's bad,--- it's just what I've observed. Unless it's a very, very small wedding and everyone is dialed in, you're bound to get something other than money/gift card.

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It's not appropriate to include any gift registry information in a wedding invitation, so it's no wonder you can't find a non-tacky way to do it.

Registry information is given out by the parents or close friends if a guest calls and asks! Do go with the word of mouth method.

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Absolutely go with word of mouth only. Your friend may want to check with her local Home Depot. Some of them will actually set up a registry for you at their store. Again, that information should be communicated to guests verbally and not in writing.

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I agree, too. No mention at all of any kind of registry or other preferences as to gifts unless and until someone asks.

Of course you are having trouble finding wording that doesn't sound tacky. How can there be a charming way to tell people that you are anticipating their generosity and are trying to direct it yourself?

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havnablast - -when I reread my post, it sounded to me like I was saying YOU were trying to ask for gift cards -- I do realize this is your friend's idea, not yours.

But there's a good solution for your friend: At least on line, Home Depot has a gift registry anyway. So she and her fiance can just go ahead and register for some things there, if they want. It's the same as gift cards, anyway, as they can exchange things, right?

But anyway, she should not include any information about the registry or gift preferences in the invitations. If you don't want to argue about it with her about it, just direct her to this site and let her see what people have had to say about sending out unsolicited registry info! There are several strings on the subject.

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Wow...I guess I need to brush up on my wedding etiquette. I assumed that it was ok to include registry info because I have never received an invitation myself that didn't mention where a couple was registered. I will pass on this thread to my friend...I think she'll be really surprised as well. She did check out the registry Home Depot offers, but none of the items you can list are what they need. Good point about being able to exchange something though. Thanks for the advice!

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I have no opinion about the correctness of this at all, but we have received two wedding invitations this summer, and they both had wedding registry info. I understand that this seems very tacky, but I appreciated it because then I did not have to call the (busy) parents to ask where the soon-to-be-marrieds are registered. It's nice to be able to get to those lists right away so you have some choices.

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Home Depot is a great registry idea! Other sites online I've found that area alternatives to Target and Walmart are www.findgift.com, www.registerlocally.com, there are also a lot of websites where you can register for charitable gifts...that encourages you tell all of your guests! :) rachel_gardener.

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Well, of COURSE the stores encourage you to tell your guests about your registry at THEIR STORE -- they want all your guests to buy from THEM.

Don't get your etiquette advice from stores. They don't care if you look greedy or crass. They are in the business of selling merchandise, not helping you to be gracious and polite.

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