Wedding Gifts: Give both wedding & shower gift?

passport4vickiAugust 14, 2006

We are going to my nephews wedding in Maine next week. We live in California. I have not heard of a wedding shower for them so did not have the chance to send a gift. We are planning on giving money for the wedding gift. Do I bring an additional gift as a shower gift?

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No, you don't need to bring a shower gift. There may have been a shower, but out of town relatives are not typically invited to them.

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if you weren't invited to the shower, you don't need to give them a shower gift.

If you DID go to a shower, you would give both, as you know.

If you wish you had been invited to the shower, you *could* give them a shower gift, but I wonder if that might make them feel bad for not inviting you--in which case, don't label it a shower gift.

But the wedding gift alone is just fine--and I bet they'll like it, LOL! it'll certainly fit w/ their decorating scheme.

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no shower, no my case, i recently purchased a very expensive gift and bride realized it was a combo...and signed her thank-you card as such...

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